Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

In Syktyvkar after cap repair has opened a kindergarten for 220 places

June 11 in Syktyvkar opened a kindergarten for 220 places. The building is returned to the pre-school education of the city in October 2012, in 7 months it made the necessary repairs.

For the reconstruction of the building potrachenoo 73 million rubles. A complete replacement of utilities, power systems of the building, plumbing, construction and assembly work inside the building (renovation of all rooms: group rooms, outbuildings, etc.), exterior repairs (insulation and facade cladding), the improvement of the neighborhood (paving, installation of small architectural forms, building porches, etc.)

Acquired modern equipment, furniture, crockery, soft equipment, office equipment, toys, educational tools.



In Buynaksk (Dagestan) opened a kindergarten at the school for 75 children

June 12 in Buynaksk in MKOU School number 10 opened garden "Sunshine" for 75 people.


June 11 in the village. Marvellous Kaliningrad region after cap repair has opened a kindergarten for 75 children

In the settlement of the Baltic region marvelous doors opened for 75 kids kindergarten "Sun".

Sadiq, built more than 30 years ago required a major overhaul, which cost 9.6 million rubles, of which 5.8 million — the regional budget, and 3.8 million — of the local budget.

With this money to renovate the building, equipped veranda and playgrounds, replaced windows, installed a new fence constructed walkways, purchased equipment and toys.


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