Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

Vladivostok was opened after reconstruction kindergarten for 200 places

10 years housed the Oriental Institute FENTU. Now, after a major renovation garden returned to young children.

The building was badly worn, so there had not just repair, and construction of virtually. Contractors totally made front, spent electrician, water and sewers, installed interior doors, interior trim spent. Did landscaping and established children's playgrounds and shady canopies. Entrance to the garden is guarded by two lion sculptures, they are left over from previous users of the building — the Oriental Institute. Thanks to them, garden got its name — "Lion."


In the village. Saratov Volga region after the cap. Repair opened kindergarten

July 2, in the Volga municipality was inaugurated kindergarten number 20. After the reconstruction of the building re-opened its doors to small owners.



In Engels, Saratov Region has opened a private kindergarten hour

July 1 in Engels, Saratov Region Center opened development of children and parents, "Zhemchuzhinka."

The establishment of a fundamentally different "from the usual format of the kindergarten", it will work around the clock and seven days a week, but really homey atmosphere will help children adapt more quickly to new conditions.


In kindergarten number 191 Kemerovo open an additional group 20 seats

In order to open a new group, institution overhauled and partially reconstructed. Now the guys have a separate entrance, reception room, bedroom, game room.

Repair and equipping of a new group from the city budget allocated napraleno 2,000,000 547 thousand rubles.


In kindergarten, "Sun" with. Salton Altai region opened an additional group

The grand opening of an additional group of 20 seats in the kindergarten "Sun" with. Salton.
For these purposes in the framework of the long-term target program "Development of pre-school education in the Altai region 2011 — 2015" from the regional budget has been allocated 6 million 856 thousand rubles.
The institution was renovated, new heating, lighting, drainage, water supply, bought new furniture and play equipment.


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