Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

In Pavlovsk, Voronezh region after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 100 places.

July 24, 2013 in Pavlovsk, the grand opening of the kindergarten № 12 "Sunshine".

Kindergarten for 100 places and meets all the requirements of pre-school institutions. Reconstruction of the building was part of a long-term program for the development of the municipal early childhood education in 2011 — 2013 years. It cost more than 17 million rubles.


In Rostov-on-Don, after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 165 places.

This type of general developmental preschool located on the street. Kataeva in the new settlement. The building, built in 1971 and transferred to the balance of the municipality in 1992, has long needed updating.

Overhaul of the kindergarten was started in December 2012. In total, it cost the city budget of almost 60 million rubles.

In addition to construction activities for these funds was purchased new furniture, technology and gaming equipment. The kindergarten was undeveloped beautiful playground with synthetic vsepogodgnym cover an area of 200 square meters. In the vicinity of the sports area includes a colorful playgrounds, gazebos and small architectural forms. In the kindergarten equipped with a new music room and a modern catering department. Completely replaced utilities and repaired all areas, including the basement.



In Omsk, after the cap. Repair commissioned garden with 200 seats.

In the village of Omsk Sunny took delivery of technical kindergarten after the cap. repair.

On the capital reconstruction has been spent 35 million rubles. Now, the building meets all the requirements, up to the bathroom — in every group they performed in a different style. Designed kindergarten for 200 places, students are expected on September 2.


In kindergarten, number 6 in the village of Omsk Amur there is an additional group of 20 seats.

The room was a recruit children in the group was not possible. Blame everything — a leaky roof.

Were sought funds to repair the roof of the kindergarten, conducted a large-scale renovation in the band room, bedroom. Equipment purchased, installed furniture. Place in the kindergarten were twenty kids.


In p. KRIVOSHAPKINA the Irkutsk region in the school opened a kindergarten for 40 seats.

On the basis of Krivoshapkinskoy school has opened a new children's garden with 40 seats. Two pre-school groups, respectively, calculated on the kids and a half to three years old and preschoolers.

The repair of the building from the district budget allocated 1.3 million rubles. Another 858 thousand rubles was spent on the purchase of inventory. At present the school handed interactive equipment.


In kindergarten number 120 Kemerovo opened additional pre-school group with 25 seats.

For the organization of the new group is equipped with a video game, bedrooms, bathrooms, pantry area, mounted in the reception floor heating.
In addition, the builders have replaced the system of heat, electricity, water supply, sewerage and ventilation. The kindergarten set sunshades. The group bought new furniture for children's development, they have bought didactic and intellectual games, modules, designers, attributes to the plot — role-playing games, theatrical activities and work skills.

To carry out major repairs and equipment with additional groups from the city budget has been allocated over 2.8 million, of which about 1.4 million aimed at equipping.


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