Overview of new museums for April-May Part 2.

In May, opened 22 new museum and mausoleum was opened after restoration and the estate "Kholomki"
1. May 8
On the eve of the Victory Day in the village Kelermesskaya Giaginsky district solemnly opened a museum of military and labor glory countrymen. It is located where a monument in honor of the villagers — the Great Patriotic War. There are exhibits on the Cossacks which, collectivization, the everyday work of machine operators, field-crop, livestock farm "October", which was once a village. Particular attention is paid to kelermestsam — participants of the Great Patriotic War, the home front.
2. May 9
In the new building, the museum was opened in s.Tolbuhano Marshal Tolbukhina. The exhibition was created many years by local enthusiasts led by veteran Privalov AB Contribution made by the plant of "JBK-2", the head of administration Yermylov VM. Stolyarov V.Iperedal the museum velvet red banner and trophy sword fighting.


3. May 9
Unique Exhibition Center museum of military equipment "Battle Glory of the Urals", created UMMC, opened the Victory Day the UMMC.

4. May 16
In the regional center officially opened a museum of the history of communication. Large-scale exhibition is located at the base of the Stavropol College of Communications of the Hero of the Soviet Union, VA Petrov.

5. May 16
Also in the framework of the "Barkaganovskie readings" in Barnaul, the opening of a memorial plaque and a museum named Zenobia Barkagan

6. May 16
In Saransk Vladimir Vysotsky Museum opened in the capital of Mordovia on the basis of the Library, a branch of N18 urban CBS for adults on Wednesday opened a museum of Vladimir Vysotsky. It is created by the efforts of the members of the club art song named after Vladimir Vysotsky, has donated a library room, the exhibits provide fans of the poet.

As planned by the organizers, the museum must re-create the unique atmosphere of the era of the 70's — with the help of interior parts, household items, and the possibility to listen to Vysotsky's not a modern digital audio media, and with "reel" and LPs. The museum also has books, photographs related to the actor's name, including a personal photo club founder Alexander Porchunova with Vysotsky.  http://info-rm.com/2013/0…sja-muzejj-vladimira.html 
7. May 16
In the MTC, "Navagorsk" opening a museum dedicated to the history of the Olympic victories of figure skating.

The exhibition features a collection of valuable pieces of figure skating from the time of Peter I to the present day. Here you can see the beginning of the XX century the newspaper with pictures of Nikolai Panin, Ulrich Salhova, Werner rittbergera, genuine first book Nikolai Panin, published in 1910, antique skates 200 years ago, you can watch a film about the first Olympic champion of Russia Nikolai Panin.


8. May 17
The grand opening of the Penza Museum. Ulyanov after restoration on the eve of the International Day of Museums, on Friday, May 17, 2013. The restoration of the museum took place in celebration of the 350th anniversary of Penza.

His leadership has expressed sincere gratitude to the Governor of the Penza region Vasily Bochkarev, the Government of the region for their help in the reconstruction of the cultural and historical site. "The Museum of name Ulyanov — this is the first reconstructed object of cultural heritage of federal importance, which we managed to revive the 350th anniversary of Penza in conjunction with the federal center and spend the whole complex restoration work. At no point in the near past, this building is not repaired. When he was in the 1970s, was used as a museum, a small repair was carried out by the "national building" — and said. about. Head of the Department of Culture and the archive of the Penza region Cyril Zastrozhnov. http://www.penza.ru/news/2013/05/17/16563099
9. May 17
In Rostov, the museum was opened in the history of technology Rostov eve of International Museum Day, which is celebrated on May 18, opened the Museum of the History of Technology.

The exhibition presents the wonders of technology and centuries past. The entire exhibition is divided into several thematic sections: "Computers", "recording", "Television", "Photography and Film." Exhibits many years going by enthusiasts not only in different parts of our country, but were brought from abroad. Many items are unique and not found in other local museums. The oldest of computers — "comptometer" was released in the U.S. in 1887. Antique rarity and became Resulta, originally produced in Germany in the first third of the XX century. Next to them — the most massive calculating machine "Felix", for many years had served in the Soviet Union.

10. May 17
In Bashkir high school number 136 opened a school museum.

In May 2013 in the Bashkir high school number 136 of October district opened Museum of Mukhamet Iskuzhin. The museum contains documents, materials, photographs reflecting the history of the discovery, the formation and development of the school. On the achievements of school in various competitions featured on the show stands diplomas and certificates. The centerpiece of the museum is occupied stands dedicated Mukhametov Galievich Iskuzhin. They tell about the life of a teacher and educator, his family, ancestry, shown Bashkir school, high schools and kindergartens, open thanks to his initiative.

11. May 21
In Moscow, after the restoration of the museum was opened Muravyovs-Apostles

12. May 21
As part of the 350th anniversary of the village in Bessonovka opened the "Museum of the bow." The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of the industry lukovodstva, veterans of labor. At the opening of the museum you can taste delicious dishes from the bow, listen to historical review of the collective farms and state farms, and the people whose work gave prominence bessonovskoy onions called "Russian gold".

13. May 22
Opened in Irkutsk Tea Museum. Among the exhibits of the new museum — tea samples and packaging as the 19th century and the era of socialism — a scarce 'tea with the elephant »,« № 36 "," Forest "," Taiga ". In addition, there you can see from the packaging of tea, unusual sets, samovars, photos of famous merchants, documents and things.

14. May 22
Branch of the Moscow Museum of History phones has opened in St. Petersburg on Shpalernoj street, 60. The exhibition features about 300 unique devices from different eras. Entrance to the museum is free.


15. May 23
In Penza, the museum was opened after reconstruction VO Kliuchevskoi The exhibition features rare items from the surviving families of the Russian historian.

Work on the reconstruction took place in preparation for the celebration of the 350th anniversary of Penza. Its doors to the museum re-opened to visitors on May 22. Repair of the building lasted one and a half years. During that time, much has been done: updated facade and roof, reinforced foundation, replaced the ceiling and floor.

Please innovations and exposure. — The museum has restored life Kliuchevskoe — benches, closet, shelf with clay and metal dishes, utensils. The exhibition presents a rare surviving items from Penza home, such as wall clock with chimes, inkwell, casing with windows, icons and religious books, materials telling about studying Basil Kliuchevskoi in Penza religious school and seminary, handwritten journal "Bee" and a lot of it books.

16. May 28
In Zlatoust, opened a museum in honor of the famous grandmaster, a native of this city, Anatoly Karpov.

17. May 28
In Astrakhan, has opened the world's only museum of Velimir Khlebnikov, the world's only interactive museum of Velimir Khlebnikov opened in Astrakhan. House-museum was opened after restoration.

In addition to repairs, we have managed to extend the exposure and increase the number of stock items. In addition, there was art in the museum hall, allowing to conduct interactive lectures, discussions, film screenings and themed temporary exhibitions. A new art studio will conduct master classes. Among the innovations — the project "Hunger space." All objects placed on the walls, will also be the markers. If you send them to a mobile device camera, will be available to visitors voiced poems of the poet, the story of the creation of exhibits, fragments of photographs and visuals, transmits radio "Culture".

18. May 29
Museum and memorial to the museum-apartment Musa Jalil opened on a small home of the poet — in the village Mustafino Sharlykskogo district of Orenburg region.

In the museum after the renovation, new rooms with modern multimedia and projection equipment — electronic photo frames and 3D-projection. The museum has recreated the life and atmosphere of the time, when the village had grown up Mustafino future hero. Here for the first time exhibited unique exhibits — the first photo of the poet in 1916, the manuscript of poems in 1942, written for the wedding of his brother. Also presented authentic wartime photos


19. May 29
In Vyazemskoye near Smolensk region opened a new museum "Bogoroditskoe field"

20. May 29

In high school number 11 New Urengoja supported by LLC "Gazprom mining Urengoj" opened a museum of military valor and civic courage of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
21. May 29
In Arkhangelsk statistics timed to the anniversary of the opening of the museum. The exhibition focuses on the large-scale statistical campaigns such as the National Census, which for this twenty-year period took place in our country twice — in 2002 and 2010, National Agricultural Census of 2006, a survey of small and medium-sized businesses, organized for the first time in 2010.

According to exhibits in the museum which is not so much, you can see how in recent years there have been the development and modernization of the regulatory, organizational and methodological framework of all-Russian surveys.
22. May 31
Dmitry Butylkin, head of Internal Affairs Krasnoselski region: "There are no random artifact, every employee can find a piece of themselves, and those who served in the 1970s, 80s and 90s." Particular importance is attached to a plaque at different times of 6 people were killed in the line of duty. Also in the room stories collected sports awards management, service weapons of different eras and, of course, the photos taken during daily life and travel, including to Grozny and Gudermes.


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