Overview of new museums. July 2013

In July, Russia has opened 9 new or renovated museums. 3 of them are significant: the museum of fountains in Peterhof, gold Berezovsky and the Navy in St. Petersburg

July 3, 2013 in the city of Stavropol, a museum for auto-transport-GAI traffic police.

The opening of the museum was devoted to the 77 anniversary of the founding of the State Automobile Inspection service of our country. The museum is located on the territory of the State Traffic Police Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs  Russia in the Stavropol region and occupies about 450 square meters. meters, but exhibits enough to for some time to dig into their study. Of course, the Museum of Transportation, the traffic police is unthinkable without  motorcycles and cars, which, like the chronicles of life, themselves already history. The museum State traffic inspectorate of the Stavropol Territory is represented legendary "IJ-49", which appeared in 1951 year and regularly carried a his service until 1958-go, as well as the "Moskvich — 402 '1957 release,  which has been in service employees ORUD until 1961.


July 6. Russia's first museum opened in Ulyanovsk balalaika

Russia's first museum balalaika opened on Saturday in Ulyanovsk in the creative business incubator "Quarter" in the museum you can see about 20 balalaika from different areas of the country and have tea with  bagels. "The exhibits were going for about 15 years on the European part of Russia in various fields — from Arkhangelsk to the Voronezh region, including in Ulyanovsk ", — said at the opening of head of a private museum Sergey Kluchnikov.
In the museum you can see how varied musical instrument the last 100 years, from the rarest copies of old peasant balalaika artisanal tools to work fine, as well as  triangular instruments in three, four, and six strings.


July 8 Berezovsky Sverdlovsk region opened a museum of gold


July 10 opened a museum in the Altai goose

It is located just on the basis of medical and health Guseletovskie complex stretches in Romanovskoye area of the region.
As explained by the museum staff, once here in Romanovskoye area on the banks of the Bitter Lakes and Mormyshenskoe (which is now the health complex), settled hundreds of thousands  geese. The museum displays about five thousand exhibits. Among them — posters, postage stamps, coins,  tableware depicting geese and birds figures, made of different materials.
The exhibition, conceived by the founders of the museum, will change every year.
By the way, in the treatment complex and a viewing deck overlooking the lake Bitter. It is also planned to equip market, where the locals will offer tourists their products.

July 17 fountains of Peterhof Museum opens

In the State Museum-Reserve "Peterhof", located near St. Petersburg, opened the Museum fountain business. Fountains — the card Peterhof, annually host more than 3 million tourists.The museum is located in the eastern gallery of the Grand Palace, according to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". His exhibition introduces visitors to the unique system of Peterhof fountain, talking about  architecture, fountains, their creators and features of buildings. The museum has a unique exhibits of eighteenth-century cast-iron pipes, tools fontanschikov, fragments of fountains "Umbrella" and  "Favourites". There is a museum and a multimedia area where Plasma screens in electronic features rare form of drawings, archival photographs, reports, cost estimates and drawings.



July 19. Belozersk in the Vologda region has opened a museum White Lake

This limnological museum dedicated to one geographic area.
The new museum is located in an old mansion that belonged to the merchants in the XIX century
Kaparulina. In preparation for the 1050 anniversary Belozyorsk on the building have been carried out
repair and restoration work.
Creation Museum White Lake was carried out at the expense of the regional budget
as well as sponsorship and investment income Museum. Scientific concept
and the theme of the museum and exhibition plan the White Lake (approved by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation)
Elena has developed Drobysheva, Head of the nature of the Vologda Museum.


July 20. In Ufa, the museum was opened by General Mahmut Gareeva

The opening of the museum was dedicated to the ninetieth warlord who came to congratulate not  Only villagers.  

Mahmut Akhmetovich was born in 1923 in Chelyabinsk. In 1939 he volunteered for the front, and
already at 41, he graduated from the Tashkent Red Banner Infantry School. After the war Gareyev continued service and in 1959 graduated the Military Academy of the General Staff. In subsequent years,  He served in the headquarters of the Armed Forces of the USSR. Since 1989 worked as the chief military adviser in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of Soviet troops. He played a major role in planning  military operations of government forces of President Najibullah. Since 1990, he served as Military  Adviser — Group of Inspectors General Inspector of the Ministry of Defence. Since 1992 — in  resignation.


July 29. In St. Petersburg, opened the new Museum of the Navy

In the opening day, the visitors put on display 300 exhibits. Basically this caseExhibition devoted to Day of the Navy. And just in the museum are kept almost 700thousand things. Will expose them gradually, partly replacing the exposure and opening new facilities.



July 29. In Kazan, opened a museum of interesting science and technology


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