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In early March, the Russian company IconBIT introduced at Cebit new tablet Nettab Space III on the platform Android. Der Spiegel writes that the main feature is the production of high-quality screen LG. According to the company, it is identical to the Retina display, Apple iPad4, but the Russian device, the magazine notes, cheaper iPad4 least expensive 200 euros.
By design, the Space III is close to Apple, however the body is made from solid aluminum, making it stronger. Der Spiegel columnist with the expressed regret for any adhesive residue that remains on the body of the pouch. 

Also, the publication notes that the USB-connector is used only for file exchange with a computer, but to charge the tablet through it impossible. Delivered with a separate charger.

Space III is equipped with a quad-core graphics and 2-core processor Dual Core Cortex-A9.
Having tested the processor in the programs, the German magazine found that the power is comparable to the Russian plate with the first Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3.

Device quickly for most jobs, for example, gradually losing HD-movies. At times, however, notes Der Spiegel, it seems that the processor is running "to the limit": thus, it retarding when viewing Web pages.

Front and rear is a 2-megapixel camera, but Der Spiegel believes that a high-quality photos with Nettab Space III «can be forgotten." Camera resolution "still enough" for video chat, but, according to the magazine, try taking snapshots using an external camera is not necessary. Shots often are blurry, and they clearly dominated the blue tint, and sharpness of the photo close up "leaves much to be desired."

The advantages, sums Der Spiegel, should include a small price, ultra-high resolution screen and rugged design. Among the shortcomings, the publication noted a weak processor, the inability to charge via USB and unimportant characteristics of the cameras.

In general, the publication concludes, is what makes Nettab Space III special — it's the screen. According to the log browser, a 9.7-inch display with a resolution 2046h1536 pixels overshadows everything else, including the weak camera. Enough processing power, although he often works at full capacity. And if you clean the traces of packaging with alcohol, the tablet looks quite decent, concludes Der Spiegel.

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