, Owed is a candidate for president

On August 21 President of the Liberal Democratic Party, owed publicly announced his intention to run in the presidential elections, which, in his opinion, will be held in December 2010. LDB in Congress, it was announced that the already established an initiative group numbering 8,060 people, which is able to collect as many as three million signatures for Haidukevich presidential candidate.

The Congress was attended by about 500 delegates from all areas of Belarus, the ambassadors of Great Britain, Kazakhstan, the House of Representatives, artists. The atmosphere is very relaxed, there were no speeches from the podium. Gajdukevich himself walked across the stage with a microphone and spoke to the people with the jokes. First deputy chairman of the party, member of the House of Representatives Anatoly Hishchanka said that by the initiative group, in which 8060 people. And a team of 100,000 signatures collected easily in one day! You can only collect 3 million, but many do not.

LDP leader , Owed says:

"The party can really gather a large number of signatures. So I do not know how the current government will deal with it, but it will be exposed to" exit poll "for the first time in the Republic of Belarus, and, no one can stop. Therefore the exact results of the election will be."

According Haidukevich, the LDP to date — the largest party in Belarus, its membership of more than 40,000 members. He did not rule out that the upcoming elections other political forces in the country will not be able to nominate their candidates:

I believe I can be alone with Lukashenko …

"No matter how sad we are left alone in the elections. Those who call themselves the united democratic opposition, not just for today. Someone does not want to admit it, someone does not want to see, but the reality is! Already by August 21, and there is no real candidate. So, naturally, I believe I can be alone with Lukashenko. And in such a situation I put myself under not just the foundation, not just a chance, and much more. "

The much talked about European and Russian vectors of the present situation in the Belarusian economy, criticized the government's actions. Mr. Gajdukevich said that "LDP stands for the single currency with Russia. If Belarus moved to aduyu currency, the energy was for her on Russian domestic prices." The party leader said that "the sovereignty of Belarus to be found in Russia." And in Europe, "Belarus should go together with Russia."

Deputy Haidukevich Vladislav Kosarenko made an analysis of the economic situation:

"Now the policy is based on debt. But where foreign loans go? They need to develop a modern industry that meets the latest international standards. And in Belarus, which are based exclusively on the welfare facilities, ice rinks."

Speakers at the Congress were very nimble and fun. Young man, sportsman, compared the presidential campaign with football:

"This is our captain, he's playing and coach, who is also the goalkeeper — Sergey V.. The Supreme Council of the party — that is our protection. And the defense — I'm sure at 100% — it does not miss out on this election, a single ball. But if you do not skip a beat? Need to score, and possible more score. By number of members of Congress, the number of the initiative group, in my opinion, we are already beginning to win. "

Humorist Eugene Kryzhanovsky, who had previously also expressed a desire balyaitavatstsa for president, now the team Haidukevich:

"I myself can not balyatatstsa, not because I was born in Belarus and in Ukraine. But do not worry. Fact that I'm close to a presidential candidate, Mr. Gajdukevich, that's good. Tuned only to win! Now is an exciting time for the party. And as Gajdukevich said, victory will be ours. "

Members of Congress, invited guests received a gift bag with a portrait Haidukevich in which printed matter and a bottle of vodka "Gajdukevich":

"Before the presidential elections to talk about his background would be considered just showing off. When asked me:" Why is the vodka? "I explain that the label coat of arms of my family, I have proof — reading and writing, all documents confirm. This is a real vodka made in the" Crystal ", with all the attributes, and even with a revenue stamp."

, Owed has twice participated in the presidential campaigns — in 2001 and 2006.

The Liberal Democratic Party unveiled vodka "Gajdukevich"

, Owed

It was attended by a member of the LDP Eugene Kryzhanovsky

Of European ambassadors attended the British Ambassador Rosemary Thomas

Congress did not last long

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