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Works storyteller Bazhov became the banner of an occult sect

Oksana Semenova

Ural sectarians do not love the work, and the rest when at the same time you can think about saving the soul and the world.
In the middle of summer in the Urals activated mysterious tribe citizens. These people will go on — far away from the dusty towns. But not to enter the area with a hoe. And it is not in order to sit around the campfire with a guitar and a barbecue. Citizens are selected in the suburbs of Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg to carry mystical mysteries. They are members of the sect "bazhovtsev" — admirers of the famous storyteller Paul Bazhov and his main book "The Malachite Casket".

The correspondent of "NO" I saw with my own eyes how the "Mistress of the ministry." First, in the vicinity of the city Sisert (50 km from Yekaterinburg), where nearby is the native home of the famous storyteller, left "advance team". The goal — to find a suitable place for the "mysteries." Was found a large meadow by the stream. Clattered axes, running around people — a couple of hours was difficult noble fire. Then he drove up here "main force" sectarians, and action has begun. About fifteen of the available tools were quickly build a doll. The result of their work actually closely resembled a scarecrow, but this did not bother. Beware, as a dozen eggs in a string bag, proudly, as a proletarian red flag, the people threw the crowd through the woods, scaring his appearance on the road and singing of rare dog lover and just lounging citizens that came on a walk in the woods to get some fresh air. "It is not a fairy tale — in reality comes mountains hostess, to those who devote skill people, in a rush to the beauty who will direct labor, knowledge of the powers of the light up" — sang together enthusiasts around me.

"Naive people think that works Bazhov — it's just a children's stories — told in the course of the procession leader Yekaterinburg bazhovtsev Eugene Feklistov. — We know the hidden secrets of his magical tales. Read again and you will realize that Mistress of Copper Mountain — is the mistress of the Urals. She can do anything! Even with the help of psychic energy to turn faeces into gold! She is the goddess of our land, and the great runners grandmother Sinyushka, Ashling-Poskakushka (other characters Bazhovsky tales) its loyal aides. "

"Listen, sings to the ridges of the Urals through layers of centuries of great Zoroaster, the flame of sacred fire ritual space with fire, he binds us" — in two hours the crowd chants and festivities come to a previously prepared the fire.

"Shh! The hostess here! "- Suddenly someone shouted a woman's voice. The people tensed, and instantly fell silent, creating a magic circle around the fire. "The Spirit of the Mistress moved into a doll, and you can telepathically ask her any advice," — whispered in my ear, George. Concentrated on the faces of others — flour communication process with a disembodied spirit. "She's gone!" — Just suddenly after about five minutes he cried the same voice. Used stuffed, without hesitation, immediately thrown into the fire and let the bowl in a circle not a beer, not that of mead.

Work for bazhovtsa — not a wolf in the forest will not escape. Relax and enjoy life, not straining in a stuffy office or in a dusty construction site — are the main principles of their ideology. Moreover, work is considered harmful to the soul and body, and workaholism is equivalent to almost a mortal sin. The eight-hour day they call this slavery, so eager to get a part-time job. Bothered a little bit, and relax at the same time thinking about saving the world and the soul. So — every day. Among other things, bazhovtsy enjoy celebrating all the secular holidays: International Women, Constitution Day and multi-day spree in May. And their entertainment events in the Ural pagans more than enough. In addition to outings on the weekends, during the summer solstice bazhovtsy satisfied Bazhovsky annual festival. During the week at the lake Tchebarkul near Chelyabinsk in full swing fun: with jumping over the fire, dances and installation throughout the camp of wooden idols — Tales characters Paul Bazhov.

In anticipation of astral microbes

Founding father of the occult and pagan sect in the Urals was chelyabinets Vladimir Sobolev. A bit of mysticism and the occult, a pinch of Orthodoxy, Russian paganism with a vengeance, to the seriousness of — the doctrine of the Roerich and Zoroastrianism, for accessibility — works of renowned storyteller Paul Bazhov. Reviving paganism, that for 1000 years as in Russia forgotten and spicing his perky parts, all kinds of latter-day messiah easy to find in the Russian audience for his sermons.

First of all Sobolev called himself the embodiment of Confucius. Religious model, which he came up with is this: higher intelligence of the universe — the Logos, the father of the space of the Earth — Lucifer. Long ago, on the instructions of the Logos from Venus to Earth landed landing space scientists, who had to improve earthlings and move them to Mars and Mercury. Lucifer took this event very lousy: a course for the destruction of the earth and turned into a villain. In 1917, he instigated the revolutionaries on the greater evil. But the forces of light Lenin sent a mission to mitigate the destructive force of the revolution. As is customary in all the prophets, Vladimir Sobolev predicts end of the world. The action will look like the invasion of "astral germs", having intellect and will, which is allegedly still in the 1970s brought the American astronauts from space.

Paul Bazhov never dreamed that his invention will turn a reality.

Tales Bazhov become ideology

The religious aspect bazhovstva — so, the lyrics. Like it or not, but still modern outlook of the Russian people is no longer religious, and ideological. So happened that we were just bored and think to pray to the gods for salvation of the soul. We definitely and most certainly the idea of saving Russia Give.

The philosophical tenets of Sobolev immediately picked up and used the policy. In the Urals, remember that it is the birthplace of Russia's first president, but it's all the same, if you look closely, it may be a sign of destiny. Then he brightened Yeltsin's successor and heir to the local administration "steering" — Sverdlovsk Governor Eduard Rossel. He announced the creation of the Ural Republic. Then it for that freedom, even temporarily removed from the control area. But the "Republican" idea alive in the Urals until now.

Bazhovtsy contain educational institution — Bazhovsky Academy of secret knowledge, publish a newspaper. Ural Eurasian movement organized a club where astrologers, UFOlogists, psychics and officials — all together and in unison — develop the concept of development of the Ural region. The scope includes influences bazhovtsev Chelyabinsk Cultural Foundation, Teachers College, Department of Culture Chelyabinsk Administration, House of Pioneers and even military schools. In short, the promotion of the ideas promoted. Billboards with pictures of tales Bazhov installed on the cars of firm trains Chelyabinsk-Moscow.

Among the adherents of the movement has spread the idea that Russia joined three main people — the Russian, Tatars and Jews. Russian gave her the love and kindness, Tatars — the will and the Jews — intelligence. And it is these people the future of humanity. But the forces staged namestnitsey Mistress of Copper Mountain. Ural fact is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, and thus is "energetic heart of Russia."

"Navel of the Earth" — Arch

One of the places of worship for bazhovtsev is Arch. This ancient city, archaeologists excavated the corner from Magnitogorsk, in the middle of the sun scorched down the Bashkir steppes, it became an object of pilgrimage for many strange people of Russia. The only shelter for miles around — trailers with pilgrims. On the weekends of the tour buses, melting from the heat, leave the tourists, including many admirers and Ashling-Poskakushki. One of them is praying someone collects stones, then to them — "to overcome the economic crisis" — scatter at different points in Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Moscow. With the arrival here of Tamara Globa began the invasion in Arch psychics. Then, certainly, tightened ufologists, who established an observation post here and now from day to day, waiting for the arrival of UFOs. Here often visited by Hare Krishnas, who cook hemp milk and use this mixture, called "soma", without snacks. The Hare Krishnas are considered "soma" sacred drink of the Indo-Iranians.

Bazhovtsy not lag behind the rest of the wonderful brethren in exaltation. They believe that it is here in Arkaime upon a time lived in dark-skinned people Chud, who had unprecedented knowledge and power. And they believe that the arch — "navel" of the earth. According to bazhovtsev after the Last Judgment and the number of global catastrophes here will be to mankind Christ. After that Arch will be the center of Russia and the whole world. A "Ural Chud" will take and rise again. Bazhovtsy often visited by a sacred place to perform rituals to check the situation: not coming to the second coming?


YURI itches, executive director of the Religious Studies:


"Religion can build on anything — would be a fantasy. Though on the fairy tale "The Malachite Casket", at least for the book "On the tasty and healthy food." Would demand, and in our dark Russia it is more than enough. Bazhovstvo belongs to a group of cults, which we classify as "New Age." In the translation of "New Age" sounds like "New Time" or "New Age". It also uses the following names: the movement of "Age of Aquarius", of the "Age of Aquarius". Movement of "New Age" emerged in Western society from an alloy of ideas permeates the masses of ordinary people. It joined several beliefs that are alien to Christianity and the Bible, including the occult teaching of the Eastern gurus and the laws of karma and reincarnation. The sect of the "New Age" as "Bazhovsky Academy of secret knowledge" does not refer to the number of totalitarian sects. But we must remember that psychology itself is dangerous ordinary worshiper who gets into a religious association. He begins to think the same as everyone, and therefore does not think too much. This means only one thing: a person can be subjected to psychological abuse, and do not even notice it. Cults often successfully disguised as various community organizations, such as enticing to human, universal, and even religious ideas. The sect bazhovtsev is not destructive form. It's more get-together, not a cult. But there are in fact and impressionable people for whom even these seemingly innocuous ideas can be dangerous for the psyche. Therefore, we should always remember that the best way to get out of the sect — do not get there. "

Sergei Mikhailov, HISTORIAN: "People want to find meaning in life"

"In the current religious situation in Russia there are two trends. One is clearly restoration — the revival of the Russian Orthodox Church. Another trend, when the belief in the Christian God is combined with a belief in the transmigration of souls, witches, aliens, astrology. All of these beliefs are often a combination of materials for the construction of philosophical systems, on the basis that arise and formed a sect. Ural bazhovstvo teetering on the brink of sectarian politics and elemental desire to find a new meaning to live for. It turns ugly places, sometime funny, and sometimes even scary. But what if at this stage in history our society is constantly oversteer? I guess I should hold on tight and try to steer without the help of "housewives" and "sinyushek."

Help "NO"

In Russia, there are between 300 and 500 different sects. The number of people involved in the occult and destructive religious organization, reaches 1 million, with 70% of them — young people aged 18 to 27 years. According to experts of the Center for Religious Studies, only "regular" sects has at least 600-800 thousand of the most powerful sects neopyatidesyatnicheskoe this movement, which is widely covered by the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. Still actively growing ranks of followers of Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.

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