Patrushev: India soon will provide a platform for the new plant, with the participation of the Russian Federation

India "came close" to the provision of the construction site with the participation of Russia and the new nuclear power plant planned for the allocation of funds from the budget for the period from 2012 to 2017, said on the eve of Russian reporters in New Delhi, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev after talks with Indian leaders.

"For the first time the Indian side at the talks voiced that provided funds for the construction of the following area" — Patrushev said, recalling that in 2010, Russia and India signed a "road map", according to which the construction of power provided to a total of 14-16 units.

According to the head of the Security Council, the geographical location of the new site is not known, however, this is not about the construction of the third and fourth blocks of NPP "Kudankulam" in Tamil Nadu and the construction of nuclear power plant at Haripur in West Bengal, as discussed earlier.

In India, the agreement dated November 20, 1988 and amendments thereto dated June 21, 1998 is being built NPP "Kudankulam". We are now preparing for the launch of the first power station. During a visit to India by Russian President Vladimir Putin in December 2012, the parties agreed to take the necessary steps to expedite the completion of construction and commissioning of the second unit. Customer plant — Indian Atomic Energy Corporation. Construction began in 2002 under the Russian company "Atomstroyexport". With Russia's "Kudankulam" built two VVER-1000 with total capacity of 2000 MW. Russia and India intend to build a few more units at this station.

Patrushev on Thursday in New Delhi represented Russia at the meeting of high representatives of the BRICS, in charge of security. He also held talks with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon. Indian leadership, in particular, expressed "the highest" satisfaction with the outcome of the December visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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