Portable SAMs «Igla-Super»

Portable SAMs

Military experts come to the opinion, that modern MANPADS are not defeat the purpose of enemy aircraft and helicopters, and not the assumption of the performance of their own missions. As example is the military conflict in Libya in 2011. Using Russian MANPADS «Igla» troops subordinate actually warned Gaddafi bombed and completely successfully defend its air space. NATO aircraft almost everything was stiffness in the presence of specific facts Qaddafi portable SAM systems.

MANPADS «Igla-Super»

• The primary purpose 9K338 «Igla-S» — the defeat of air low flying helicopters, planes, drones and missiles. Operates in different criteria of natural and artificial noise. «Igla-S» is the result of in-depth modernization of air defense missile system portable type 9K38 «Igla».

• Now «Igla-S» was to own advanced features and new capabilities, replacing outright several SAM — everyday MANPADS to counter helicopters and airplanes and expensive SAMs used to counter cruise missiles and UAVs.

• The main developer of MANPADS — Kolomna Engineering Design Bureau. GOS complex «Igla-S» Leningrad association developed opto-mechanics. Create complex Kovrov plant Degtyareva. The main tests of MANPADS «Igla-Super» took place in 2001, and in 2002, the complex is taken into service by the Russian army.

• Use complex can be with all carriers. Apart from this, MANPADS «Igla-Super» has great potential for the creation of mobile carriers — a little weight and significantly inflated property destruction weapons increment any carrier and bring them closer to the level of short-range SAM implementation. Willing to take the contract, Russia has delivered 50 units of the new Vietnam complex «Igla-Super» — the contract price more than 60 million Dallara.

The complex consists of:
— 9M342 one rocket located in a pipe provided power source;
— 9P522 trigger mechanism;
— PEP 9V866-2;
— CPA 9F719-2;
— PNV 1PN97 «Mowgli-2.»

Portable SAMs

• The main differences from previous systems — introduction inflated range from 5.2 to 6 km, improved combat features warhead — increased mass of explosives and increased number of fragments, this despite the fact that the mass of the rocket remained unchanged. In homing 9E435 used two photodetector providing work in different spectra, which increased the level of selection of thermal noise.

• It is also used in the GOS bias circuit, which will generate control commands to drive steering rockets on approach to project air — missile maneuver starts from the basic differences in terms of guidance (nozzle object), and damage will occur at a vulnerable object units. According disk imaging voiced developers seeker has fantastic properties vibration sensitivity and shock protected.

• For the first time used in rocket target sensor non-contact type which provides demolition warhead at close approaching the target. Sensor hundred percent integrated with warhead and fuze — delay introduced at undermining warhead after his successful operation. Depending on the purpose of exhibiting and delay, for example, to expose her most aircraft, because while approaching missiles to structural aircraft proximity sensor, of course, work will begin to come latency (undermining missiles immediately behind the nozzle will not be effective).

• Launch time to move closer to the plane, and the undermining of the sensor response will contact type, if you do not have time to approach one hundred percent, then after the delay happen anyway undermining warhead. The delay is set in automatic mode and is dependent on the mode of operation.

• Dimensions missiles and claimed weight restriction on use of small warhead weight with very probable effectiveness. It is obtained from in-depth undermining contact type of adaptation to high-speed features of the goal. Russian designers have made «smart» fuse — getting data for the purpose of contacting the rocket, waiting for a response from the sensor penetration warhead inside the flying object and subject to the acquired data gives the command to undermine. The result — a small warhead weight causes very likely damage the object.

• Builds capacity charge warhead and solid propulsion engine — it also undermined warhead detonation. Such a solution, usually at first glance, no one abroad is not applied, allowed to increment the combat effectiveness of the complex «Igla-Super» on a collision course to 3 km — the most frequent area of ​​introduction missiles at air targets. After using MANPADS missile picks up speed using the control engine type powder that turns her at pre-emption in the automatic mode — the role of man is not required.

Portable SAMs

• Applicable PNV «Mowgli» enforces complex «Igla-S» in the black during the day, in addition, it provides the detection and identification of air objects, helps to aim the arrow, and accompany him to combat the introduction of MANPADS. Night operations in our time they took place and are increasingly more often — this opportunity to significantly improve the ability of implementation of MANPADS «Igla-Super.»

• Continuity complexes affects their abilities — dimensions and mounting MANPADS «Igla» various modifications hundred percent similar, rocket from the new complex can be used earliest versions of the complex, and from the rocket complexes «Igla» and «Igla-1″ can be used in MANPADS » Igla-S «.

• Triggers virtually one hundred percent interchangeable. Sight for shooting at night «Mowgli» has additional fasteners, with which it is likely setting at an early version of the complex.

• portable air defense missile system to ensure reliable operation of a wide range of temperature and humidity (98%). Unpretentious, stands a half-hour immersion in water, rise to a height of 12,000 meters, though how freight transport in the least what roads and terrain. Withstand a fall from a height of 2 meters. Start missiles can perform even an inexperienced shooter with at least some positions at any time of a day or and night.

Portable SAMs

The main properties:
— range of implementation range / height — 6000/do 3500 meters;
— speed towards the targeted objects / vdogon — 400/320 m / s;
— weight of 19 pounds;
— caliber ammunition — 72 mm;
— warhead weight — 2.5 kg;
— 11.7 kg weight of the rocket;
— transfer to the combat use — 13 seconds;
— Revolving translation — 30 seconds.

• Guarantees lifetime MANPADS «Igla-S» 10 years saving them equipped premises. 7 years in unorganized areas, 4 years in the field when saving criteria. 2 years at a fixed operating and storage boxes outside.

/ Roman Dzhereleyko

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