Portugal Air Force were alerted because of a UFO




As reported by Agence France Presse, June 1, 2004 many witnesses saw a luminous object over Portugal. Air Force fighters were transferred on high alert after the service of civil defense fell silent calls about the glowing UFO which emitted white smoke.
The representative of the Air Force Colonel Carlos Barbosa said the military radars detected "a goal that was not recognized as a plane" and carried it for 2-3 minutes. The national air traffic control («Navegacao Aerea de Portugal») also confirmed that the UFO was recorded in the north and the south of Portugal shortly before midnight.

"Air Traffic Control tower at Oporto, in the north, found a flying object, 25 minutes later he was seen in Montiyo and Beyal, in the south," — said the representative of air traffic control Paulo Lagarto.

The authorities can not say what the object was, but geologist José Fernando of the University of Lisbon, said that contacted the U.S. air defense and that the UFO could not have been a meteor, otherwise he would have went a lot faster and made a lot of noise.

The European Space Agency reported that the object was not coming down from the orbit of the satellite, and the Portuguese weather bureau that he has no meteorological explanation. Only astronomer Jose Matos took a chance to "explain" UFOs, saying that it could be a communications satellite «Iridium», located at an altitude of 780 kilometers! How can object to such a height could fix the radar, an astronomer could not explain … [see

Ufonavigator # 06 / June 2004

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