Post-natal problems

Post-natal problems.  Photo from

Almost every woman after childbirth "opens" his body again. Breast changes in size (becoming either more or less), sag, stretch marks appear on it. Extra pounds on the thighs, cellulite. The abdomen becomes flabby. This picture is pretty depressing.

So what do? Of course, the ideal way — take care of yourself and your muscles before pregnancy, and do a special set of exercises during it. Indeed, in this case, post-natal problems will not be as pronounced. But if time has been lost, but watching her figure to start in about 2 months after birth, gradually increasing the load. The extreme case — is liposuction.

As for stretch marks, then in time pregnancy, it is desirable to use creams, firming the skin and prevent their occurrence. If however, they do have, then you can get rid of them by peeling, grinding, etc. Also help in cellulite mesotherapy, ozone therapy and other treatments.

The main thing to be upset in advance, there is no such problem that can not be solved. Consult your doctor, beautician, and he will definitely help.

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