PR on canine blood

PR on canine blood

To win the election, officials across Russia shoot animals.

Against the background of loud and bloody terrorist attack in Domodedovo, increased nationalist sentiment in society and other issues occupying Russians in early 2011, passed almost unnoticed change in the all-Russian policy towards the homeless animals. If we call a spade a spade, the regional authorities have turned from a policy of sterilization of street animals to the old practice of shooting.

Across the country in recent weeks are cut off stray dogs — the rest of the urban fauna "Subdivision for cleaning" is not interesting. This is reported by activists of environmental organizations from different regions of the country, both in the European and in the Urals. Even where a few years, as in Moscow, the program works humane sterilization of animals — dogs back after surgery or in the habitat, or placed in shelters — sterilization program canceled or threatened cancellation.

But the most important and scary — not in the destruction of the dogs, and why it is done. Based on the number of features and affordable "SP" data, stray animals are destroyed for the sake of raising the rating before the elections. Apparently, the mass extermination of dogs proved to be one of the best measures available for more popular support. And judging by the coherence-making in many areas of the country, not without focus groups, which showed that the majority of Russians for the quick and simple, albeit cruel, action. Will get rid of the dogs at all costs.

Late last in 2010 were reported from St. Petersburg and the surrounding area: where the local authorities issued an order to "clean-up" areas of several districts of stray animals. "Due to the unfounded panic around the African swine fever in the city and region, the cases of illegal mass destruction dogs — there were messages on sites zoozaschitnikov. — Capture is Spetstrans employees, as well as inadequate people with guns that shoot as well as bait. Suffer as the homeless, and the landlady's pet's. "

As we found out from St. Petersburg to ecologists poisoning dogs communal use of isoniazid, anti-drug. The outcome for the dog ate the poisoned bait lethal. Thus destroyed at least several hundred dogs in southern St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

The same thing happened after a while and in the capital — dogs "smoothed" in the railroad depot "Moscow-Kiev", which to participate in the Trade Union Congress came Vladimir Putin. The operation was carried out in secret, or immobilized euthanized dogs were loaded into trucks and taken away to an unknown destination, the source of "SP" from the staff of the depot and the residents of nearby houses.

Where openly earlier this year came in the Astrakhan region. The site appeared just procurement tender — for services to "eliminate stray animals for 2011" Astrakhan authorities are willing to pay 5.5 million rubles. All in the Astrakhan region plan to destroy 16,500 dogs. The Contractor shall provide special teams leave for shooting dogs. As well as cleaning and transportation of their bodies. Zoozaschitniki fear that the presence of "a plan in the head" can make otlovschikov shoot and pets.

In the suburbs shooting dogs organized by the military. Ensign a military unit located near Solnechnogorsk, opened the "hunt" for stray dogs in the nearby, Krasnogorsk district. According to the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office to deal with dogs ensign of the local commanders were ordered. And the shooting no one would have remembered if it had not observed the cruel scene singer Tatiana and Elena Zaitseva, who betrayed the situation public.

But more often shooting is not the official services, and "unknown." So, on February 10-11 this year in several districts of the Moscow region was seen a black SUV with tinted windows, from which the unknown shot stray dogs. The car acted in several districts — Dmitrov, Mytishchi, Schelkovskogo.

A little earlier, on January 19 this year, in Yekaterinburg same "unknown" shot pack of dogs. The raid took place the afternoon of 19 January 2011 in the area of Broad River. Some dogs, who tried to escape, were injured. The exact number of victims has not yet been established. According to witnesses, the killers came to tilt "Gazelle".

In Shoot the dog spotted and the police, and "enthusiasts"-direction: a serious punishment for the shooting of the animal almost never happens. In addition, some officials were in favor of direct otstrelschikov: so, chief medical officer of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology of the Pskov region Sergey Nikiforov said Feb. 11 at a press conference at the Public Media Center Pskov region, that support for shooting stray animals.

Record of violence against the homeless dog from environmentalists from St. Petersburg is very similar to an epic shot in a supermarket in the performance of major Yevsyukov "stray dog Naida, hiding from the police officer, hopped into the entrance of an apartment building on the street Dovatora — writes activist zoozaschitnogo forum. — The policeman opened fire on the dog right in the entrance. People rushed to the noise. Despite the hysterical screams of a boy who was feeding the dog, was made 7 shots, while a man has not volunteered to help the police officer. He had injured the dog's head, and the police officer has finished her last shot. "

Note that this is a bill "On the responsible treatment of animals," expressly forbids the killing of animals, even to control their numbers — in the latter case applies castration. Exception — if the animal attacked the man, if terminally ill or crippled man.

What, then, makes the regional and local authorities to be active and inhumane hunting of animals?

First, the important reason — economic. In Moscow — before consideration at the city government — was frozen program of sterilization of stray animals. Overall, in terms of optimization of urban spending, it is quite reasonable step: inefficiency of spending on the program of sterilization in Moscow fabulous. "All the money in the city Luzhkov being allocated under the program of sterilization, monopolized the Department of Housing and Public Works — explains zoozaschitnitsa Valentin Lebedev — as a result the animals in shelters are in appalling conditions, and environmentalists and animal lovers to action are not allowed. While we would, of course, would make cheaper and more humane to the dogs. "

Those who manage to get into public shelters where dogs are caught, they say terrible things. That's what an eyewitness account of a similar shelter in Perm, a new "Russian capital of modern art": "… In fact, this shelter is not a haven, and a place of concentration of homeless animals to kill them, and the most barbaric way. Attitude towards defenseless animals in this "shelter" is just horrible in terms of sadism and criminal negligence.

Based on the analysis of log records of income and expenditure of animals include the following facts:

January 11, 2010 from the territory of the orphanage were evacuated for disposal pits "Beccaria" dead animals in the amount of 130 goals. 22 days later, on February 2 of this year from a shelter again removed the dead animals, but not measured by the number of heads, and the weight — 1020 kg. In that case, framed bill of transfer to removal and destruction of medical waste incineration class BVG. And, somehow suspended in black plastic bags corpses of animals in this bill are designed as "drugs". A characteristic detail. Random people have noticed that the corpses had been thrown alive puppy. He lay under the corpse for several days. Despite the fact that he got to go out and try — was killed.

Based on daily records compiled by veterinarians shelter (there are four), prepared documents for the write-off of animal content in a shelter. Over the last 6 months in a shelter 500 animals were killed, and the causes of death are mainly two — "sudden death without clinical signs of disease" and "bitten dog. '"

Meanwhile, there is a second reason for the unexpected return to practice shooting. According to the "joint venture" an anonymous source in the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, "the final decision" of stray dogs being considered by officials as ideologically important task. One of the sociological agencies in the middle of last year conducted a survey, which showed that the authorities expect a hard and fast "get" with homeless animals. That is, proponents of shooting in Russia was much more than the followers of the humane treatment of animals.

— In these polls all depends on the wording — said "SP" head sociocultural research Levada Center Alexei Levinson. — If you ask a question: Do you consider acceptable shoot animals that carry dangerous infections, etc. — many will say, yes, I do. If you ask different — and the answers will be different.

In shooting of animals, compared with sterilization, there are obvious two advantages: simplicity and speed of solution. Can not argue with the economy and also the method. These advantages and attracted officials in an election year — especially as people, it turns out, not too disagree. Sterilization programs, however, are ambiguous, roads, and most importantly — are complex and multivariate. They can not be rushed to get a visible result.

On the downside of shooting — they are also known. First, it is demoralizing effect on society, the emergence of the habits of the brutal methods of solving problems. But the leaders of these things, it seems, just do not think. And secondly — we know that a few years after total shooting (as in Moscow before the Olympics-80) population of stray animals is completely restored. But a few years — probably too much planning horizon for the Russian authorities. Perhaps the officials simply do not live up to this rasschitvayut time.

On the other hand, the elimination of stray dogs — is a European method of solving the problem of homeless animals. In EU countries, is generally given a few days (from 5 days to 14), when contained in a shelter dog can pick up and domesticate compassionate citizen. After the expiry of this period the animal euthanized by a humane method — lethal injection.

The best argument of this method is that the streets of European cities can not find stray dogs, and in Russia they — the usual sign of the urban landscape. However, Europe still stray animals are not killed in the streets — in the eyes of children and the faint-hearted citizens. This procedure is carried out without the authorities prefer to outsiders.

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