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If sexual maturation The boy begins before 10 years, it means the premature sexual development, which may be true or false.

In true precocious puberty in a child develop early gonads — testes. Externally, the child looks older than his years — changes the shape of the body begins growth pubic hair.

If theboy changes in appearance, but the testes are immature, then there is a false premature sexual maturation.

In both cases, the boy's changing body odor, acne can appear.

Androgens stimulate the first growth body, and then suppress it. In true precocious puberty under the influence of androgens is premature growth spurt. Initially, the child was larger than normal, but the ossification of the zones of growth occurs earlier, resulting in the growth of the boy stopped before, and as a result it may be well below their peers.


In true precocious puberty too early a release of gonadotropin hormones that determine the development of sexual organs. The cause may be a disease of pituitary or hypothalamus — the area of the brain that controls the pituitary gland. This disease can be produces some hormonetumor respective brain areas.

The cause of the false precocious puberty can also be an adrenal gland tumor, or eggs, which are produced by androgens — male hormones. They do not cause maturation of the gonads, but will affect the formation of a "masculine" appearance.

Diagnosis and treatment

In the course of diagnosis determines the level of hormones in the blood, as well as exploring with hand and wrist X-rays to determine the child's bone age.

The boy was also tested for the presence of adrenal tumors, hypothalamus and pituitary gland — it is carried ultrasound of the pelvis and adrenal computed tomography (CT) or Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain.

For the treatment of precocious puberty prescribe drugs that block the production or at least neutralize the action of sex hormones.

If the cause of the disease is a tumor that required surgery, after which the boy's condition is normalized.

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