Prehistoric disaster / Prehistoric Disasters (5 episodes) watch online

Prehistoric disaster / Prehistoric Disasters (5 episodes) watch online
Since the creation of the Earth 4.5 billion years ago was struck planetka series of disasters, have put life to the brink of extinction. But after the disaster comes new life — and while the dominant species on the planet had been destroyed, the surviving creatures thrive in the coming vacuum, after the disappearance of the last species. These beings, in turn ruled on the planet, until they themselves do not become victims still 1st mass extinction. In the history of the Earth's many prehistoric disasters that have shaped planetoid and changed the course of evolution. But every disaster there was a leap forward on the evolutionary path from single-celled microbes to man. Without this series of events, nor the world's population, or life, we litsezreem currently around us today would not exist.

Episode 1 — The birth of the planet / Birth of the Planet: Land could have been killed as a result of the disaster gallakticheskoy 30 million years after the appearance of its own. Instead of the moon formed and began history Earth as we know it.

2 seriesLand — Snow / Snowball Earth: The grayish stone from the Australian outback has over 630 million years and is a confirmation of what was once ice covered the whole of Australia. Do not give this theory is the key to evolution?

3 series — Flame planetka / Planet of Fire: 250 million years ago, Earth's only continent, Pangea, was densely populated. Then came the total extinction of animals. Modern scientists believe they have found the cause.

Episode 4 — Asteroid / Asteroid Strike: Dinosaurs ruled on the planet 250 million years back, but the era ended in disaster — supposedly gallakticheskogo body collision with the Earth. Where exactly is the asteroid fell?

Episode 5 — Survival of the Earth / Survival Earth: Earth Crashes pursued since its inception. The result — 99% of all living creatures became extinct. Until now, we, the people were lucky, in our time of global catastrophes never happened. But history shows that we are more vulnerable than we think.

Cataclysms of earth from space hazards

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