Presumption of naturalness and anthropocentrism

"The presumption of naturalness" — this is just a fig leaf that covers the most dense anthropocentrism. Today, however, is not taken to burn at the stake those originals that claim about the existence of the cosmos other sentient beings. "Yes, — said today that the doctor every science — no one denies that the cosmos can in principle be other intelligent beings that they are, even in principle could ever visit Earth. But you show a completely unambiguous evidence of this in accordance with the "natural presumption" "(read:" Go through the gauntlet of "dodgy" theorists, and there, hehe, we'll see ").

In the arsenal of "dodgy" theorists have another trouble-free, from their point of view, the weapons — the so-called Occam's razor. This epistemological principle proposed in the XIV century agnostic philosopher William of Ockham. In any case, remember that agnosticism — the philosophical doctrine generally denies the possibility of knowing the nature of things and the laws of reality. So, Ockham, this powerful mind, who denied the possibility for man to understand something, nevertheless taught how to do it, that is, how to understand that what is impossible to understand, so to speak, in principle. According to Occam, the search for the causes of a phenomenon should be preferred the most simple of them, and the other, more complex reasons as to cut off with a razor.

The principle of a completely fair. As Ukrainian proverb says, a spoonful of soup is more convenient to carry in your mouth directly, instead of bending the arm around the back of the head … But this principle shall be construed as supporters of the "presumption of natural"? You guessed it? Of course, in the sense that the "simple" reason — a "natural" causes, and all that can be associated with the activities of extraterrestrial intelligence — a "complex" reasons, it is — from the evil one, it should be cut off fellow named Occam's razor. That being said, one would prove.

Let us consider an open mind: what is available today in the bottom of the barrel astronomers tacos-go, than you can cover with marked trumps "presumption natural"? And if they do not, the pillars of this presumption, is addressed to the German saying snide wit Georg Lichtenberg: "Telescope serves only to confuse us more."

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