Prime Ministers visit to Olympians

Dmitry Medvedev, the head of the opened in London XXX Summer Olympics official Russian delegation traveled to the Olympic village. He did this after visiting the women's volleyball match of the tour between Russia and Britain.

Medvedev was satisfied with the outcome of the meeting and showed levels of volleyball. At the same time expressed the hope that with such a game in the national team will be a good prospect. He noted that the game was the Mistress of competitions, which had tremendous support of the fans.

The meeting was attended Ilona Korstin, from the women's basketball team gained a heavy victory over the Canadian counterparts. Medvedev stressed the importance of the victory, he promised to get sick and asked to meet for further meetings.

Premier athletes learned opinion about the last day before the opening ceremony. He noted that the event was held at the British way, we're going to try to hold the ceremony as well, but in the Russian way.

Medvedev is interested in organizing the Olympics such cities as London. He promised to adopt the successes and learn from mistakes. This visit, Medvedev concluded stay in London.

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