Puberty.  Drawing from the site

Puberty for men and for women — is the ability to procreate. A man has normal sexual maturation starts10-13 years. Testes begin to grow, grow pubic hair. Tides special hormone (GnRH), which leads to the appearance of an erection to occur on the first night, then cease to depend on the time of day. Changes occur not only in the urogenital system, but also in the whole body: the boy becomes a man.

Violations of sexual development lies in the fact that the boy changes occur too early or too late.

Early sexual development: When a child is not yet 10 years old, but the exterior changes are highly visible. This process may be accompanied by premature development of sexual organs, and can occur without it.

Late sexual development: When a young man to 13 years has not increased the testicles, and 15 have not started to grow pubic hair. Also, there is a delay in growth, muscle development, etc.

Diagnosis of early puberty is involved, as a rule, pediatrician, sex therapist or child andrology and late — androlog or sex therapist.

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