Pushkin will study in Belarusian

"Freedom" received a letter from the artist Ales Pushkin town of Beaver Krupsk Minsk region. Ales Pushkin wrote about how the suit to school son Nicholas:

"Mikolka goes to school after A. Beaver Lunacharsky (former Bolshevik Commissar of Education of the USSR). I wrote, of course, a statement that was taught to whiteRussian language.

August 25 went to the boss Krupsk District Board and strictly warned — that there was trouble and problems. Belkova Olena promised that it will not.

In the first class — 15 students, Mikolka friend will teach at Belarusian language. All parents refused, did not support me!

Already given him one tutorials — by Belarusian language! Let's see what happens next! '

August 31 "Freedom" reported that this year will be opened in Mogilev Belarusian-class. This class will be taught a disciple — Herringbone Solovyov. In addition to family Solovievs wishing to gain knowledge in Belarusian in ungraded class was not found.

"The conditions we have arranged. A separate class will be small. We have identified the teacher. Nearby in the class will be learning the same as herringbone and first graders. In the "pradlenku" they will walk together. Problems with communications it will not be with them, "- said the father Dmitri Soloviev.

Yalinka Solovyov visited only Belarusian-group number 81 in the garden of Mogilev. Along with it went there four more children. Revelation groups had parents.

According to official statistics, 43% of students go to schools with Russian language of instruction, 52% — with Belarus.

77% of subjects are taught in Belarusian schools Russian language. 18% — in Belarusian.


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