Rain and snow make it difficult to search for survivors in Turkey and reduce their chances of survival

On Friday night in the earthquake in Turkey were found two survivors: Rescuers recovered a man from the rubble and 13-year-old. On the sixth day after the biggest in recent years, the disaster in this country under the ruins still living people, but there was no escape from them is becoming less complicated prospecting began to snow and rain.

After 108 hours after the devastating earthquake in the Turkish province of Van recovered alive from the rubble 13-year Ferhat Tokay, says "Bi-bi-si." "He was taken to hospital in Sahra, it feels good," — said the officer rescue. Rescuers found the teenager in the devastated city Erkis on Thursday late evening, but to get to it, it took a few hours.

A few hours before the high-rise building under the rubble found another survivor — a man, at the moment it is also in the hospital.

On Thursday, all the local TV stations showed moving footage: parsing the wreckage was found battered with a parrot cage. Rescuers recovered from the mangled bird designs, spent under the rubble of the house is more than 120 hours. At the moment, gray parrot African Grey has regained consciousness and his health is normal.

Search and rescue operations in the affected areas are continuing. However, as recognized by the Turkish officials and rescue workers, chances of finding people alive under the rubble is becoming smaller and smaller.

The search for victims complicated precipitation began: in the province of Van is snow. So now the experts are focusing on helping survivors of the residents affected by the disaster areas.

In the most devastated cities expanded campgrounds, stadiums, parks, installed thousands of special season tents, but in places they do not have to all. Hundreds of people are still in the street, tents and humanitarian aid lined up. "We stand in line for four days and have not received any help," — told the Reuters news agency Fetih Zengin, whose house was badly damaged in the quake. According to him, people are soaking wet and start to hurt. Complicated by the state of seriously ill patients, who were treated at the hospital Wang before the earthquake.

Meanwhile, meteorologists predict Van province further cooling. Turkey, which at first said that to cope with the disaster itself, still asked for foreign humanitarian assistance in the form of tents and blankets.

Residents tell of looting and fraud Edzhishe and Van. While many children can not get tents, sleeping bags and blankets, other people take in turns to some tents and then try to sell them.

An earthquake measuring 7.2 magnitude occurred in south-eastern Turkey on Sunday, October 23. The epicenter of the earthquake was 30 km from the provincial capital — the city of Van. Tremors of magnitude 5.1 and 6.1 in the region continued throughout the day. In the following days, according to the research station of Kandy, which monitors seismic activity in Turkey, there are almost 500 aftershocks force of 2.6 to 5.5 points. The last aftershock occurred on Thursday: the tremors were felt a magnitude 5.4 points in the provinces to the south of the province of Van on the border of Iraq and Iran. No injuries were reported.

According to official reports, the victims of the largest in recent years, natural disasters in Turkey have become, at least 523 people.

More than two thousand were seriously injured. Missing including 185 people. A lot of people were left homeless — the element in 2262 destroyed the building. An earthquake of similar strength occurred in the province of Van in 1976, when 3840 people were killed, remind local media.

Meanwhile, on the eve of an earthquake of magnitude 4.9 points occurred in Russia.

In the Pacific Ocean, near the North Kuril Islands Paramushir earthquake, whose magnitude was 4.9, said on Friday the "Interfax" referring to the Far Eastern Regional MES (DVRTS). Earthquakes have been recorded Geophysical Service RAS Thursday at 20.35 local time (13.35 MSK). Occur in the epicenter 234 km southeast of the town of North-Kurilsk Sakhalin (Paramushir) at a depth of 75 km. "This earthquake locations Sakhalin and Kamchatka was not felt. No injuries or damage, "- emphasizes DVRTS.

Author: Barbara Petrenko

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