Rainfall in California have held down the road

New Year rains in California greatly complicated the situation on local roads. Flooded dozens of settlements in the western United States, hundreds of homes are de-energized. In bad weather the next day worse by strong winds.
Wind speed sites will reach 120 kilometers per hour. The inhabitants of more than a thousand houses, located on the mountain of Mount Olympus in Hollywood, remained without electricity and heat. In this case, employees of the Department of Water and Power staff did not undertake to predict the time the power is restored in this affluent area.
The streets of the city center of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Lancaster, Monterey Park, and others simply pour streams of water. Three settlements on the mountain slopes threatening flooding and mudslides.
Passenger trains also go to considerable delays due to bad weather. In the coming days the overall situation, especially on the road, worse, forecasters warn.
Patrol California is monitoring the situation on the roads. Some of the trails are closed for vehicles as the traffic on them recognized to be impossible, according to ITAR-TASS.
December 22, 2010, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of the State, known as the performer of the "Terminator" in the movie, has introduced a state of emergency in six counties in California. Meteorologists believe that the scale of the current disasters in California is not unprecedented. They recall that in 1861 and 1862, 45 days in a row over California raged showers and thunderstorms. Then they called the truly grandiose flood comparable to the biblical flood. The result of this is reminiscent of the historians, was the bankruptcy of the state.

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