Rasprostraninie radiation from Fukushima for 12-14 July 2011

11/07/11 None of stopped now 35 Japanese commercial nuclear reactors will not resume work this month, as they will have extra stress test.

This was reported today, government sources in Tokyo. Earlier today, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said that all stopped now nuclear reactors in Japan will be a stress test in two stages. These checks are designed to determine the ability of nuclear power plants to withstand particularly powerful earthquake and tsunami in March knocked out a nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", where the last four months is leaking radiation.

According to the Secretary General's office, in case of successful completion of the first stage of the stress test now shutdown reactors can be run in order. The second phase involves a more thorough and comprehensive inspections, they will pass on all nuclear facilities. Based on the results it is decided to stop operating reactors or to allow them to work on. According to Edano, Japanese stress test on their criteria will overlap with the content of tests, which decided to subject all nuclear power plants in the EU.

In Japan now, of the 54 nuclear power reactors are only 19. The rest stopped either because of recent natural disasters, or the current inspection. These include three reactors and nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", where the accident occurred fuel melting and breach of containment protective shells.

None of the previously idled reactors, even the compulsory technical inspection and certification with the state of reliability, has not yet received approval to resume the work of the local authorities, in which the plant is located. Municipalities and governors are extremely wary of such permits, given the increasingly spreading Anti-nuclear sentiment in society. As a result, Japan this summer threatened by a shortage of electricity. About 30 percent of its production in the country previously had at the plant.

The Japanese government led by Prime Minister Naoto Kan has recently been criticized for inconsistency in the policy field of nuclear energy. Office at one time clearly pushed the local authorities for the early resumption of stalled reactors. But last week, Prime Minister Kan unexpectedly announced that all nuclear power plants must undergo before the new hard stress test.

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