Region UFD, survived a tornado, waiting for a new cataclysm: frozen to minus 2 and ice

In the Tyumen region on the night of June 17 announced a new storm warning. The reason — the cold snap. Thus, according to weather forecasts, in the southern parts of the region on the basis of the temperature sometimes drops to minus 2 degrees, which threatens the formation of ice.

Rescuers urge drivers to be alert, said «URA.Ru» the press service of EMERCOM in the Tyumen region.

By the way, the site predicts Gismeteo nasty weather in the Tyumen region until the beginning of next week: in various areas of the region will be thunderstorms. However, strong cold snap will not last long — by the weekend, June 18 and 19 the temperature warms up to 20 degrees.

Over the past few days is the second storm warning declared in the region. First there were over last weekend, when the area hit with a barrage of powerful rain and squally wind. The village Berdyuzhe even recorded a strong tornado that caused severe damage to many local buildings.

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