Renewal of school buses in Bashkiria and the Rostov region

Fleet added a new school buses — 14 cars set off on Tuesday, Oct. 16, in the eight districts of the country. They will carry on the activities of children from remote villages. Keys to the bus brand "PAZ" handed principals Bizhbulyakskogo, Blagovarskogo, Annunciation, Buzdyakskogo, Buraevskogo, Gafuriysky, Duvan and Mechetlinskogo areas. Since the beginning of the new academic year 96 cars went to the regions. As the Deputy Minister of Education of Belarus Vladimir Aristarkhov new buses purchased under the program of modernization of education. In 2012, for the purchase of vehicles for the rural schools of the federal budget allocated more than 204 million rubles. — These funds have already purchased 96 buses for the 63 districts of the country.

Until the end of 2012 the new transport plan to equip another 85 schools. Updating the school fleets will continue next year — said Vladimir Aristarkhov. — At the present time requires about 300 more buses. School principals do not hide the sincere joy in front of a long winter, the boys do not have to freeze in the cold of old buses. New Lasik will fall at an opportune moment. Buses are equipped with the latest technology. And here the main demand — the safety of the children, so every seat has a handy belt. Separate space is provided for an adult who will accompany the students on the trip. Buses are equipped with a special compartment to accommodate portfolios retractable footrest for the perfect fit, as well as a microphone and speaker for the driver to communicate inside and outside the cabin. — I do not know yet, is there a tracking system for car "GLONASS", will explore and understand — a foretaste of one of the bus drivers. On the new buses students will not only get to their schools. They guys will carry on sports, competitions, meetings and excursions. Supplier of school buses to the republic, now "URALavto", in the event, a gift presented to the Republican Children's Health Center of tourism, local history and tours — Minibus "Gazelle".

Educational institutions Sal district of Rostov region passed four new buses PAZ at 28 seats each. The press service of the Ministry's information policy in the region reported "Interfax-South" on Monday that the new buses will carry students Gigantovskogo supply agricultural poseleniya.Po According to the source, the two went to the school bus N2, one school N76 and N21 settlement Prirechnyy.Vsego purchased 38 buses for the 16 municipalities. It was the final game of buses for schools in the current year. All at the expense of the regional budget to address Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev purchased 138 new school buses.



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