* Alexander Lukashenko: "I guarantee and promise that answers will be absolutely sincere and honest. What I probably could not be suspected. "

* Vladimir Putin: "You know, sometimes I come home, turn on the TV. And suddenly, the leading national TV channel says: "Today, the president made an important statement." But I did not say anything special. "

* George W. Bush: "The only thing I am very sorry that I can not often go jogging. This is one of the most distressing aspects of the presidency. "

* Alexander Lukashenko, "I thought of myself: Thank God that there is a president who can maintain stability in society."

And in terms of economy

Vladimir Putin: "With inflation nothing unusual going on."

Leonid Kuchma: "I — the president, the head of state, and shall not engage in a variety of issues that have to deal with. Economies including ".

George W. Bush: "This is definitely included in the budget plan — there is generally a lot of numbers and points."

Alexander Lukashenko: "I think that any State of the market economy should immediately take the competition. We also accept adopted this principle and its implementing just sometimes by force. "


Alexander Lukashenko: "And in the middle of Europe can be rotated? Of course it will squeak because Europe is something close. "

George W. Bush: "We are ready to work with both parties to reduce to an acceptable level of terror."

Alexander Lukashenko: "You should have seen how our people cried when we deduced strategic missiles."

WITHOUT U.S. elections are not held

Vladimir Putin: "So, how was the election campaign, saved me from a major need — the need to mislead the masses of the population."

Leonid Kuchma: "If I lose the election — drink a glass of vodka, bacon zakushu and will continue to work."

Alexander Lukashenko: "I agree tomorrow to hold early elections, although you are pushing me to the violation of the Constitution. But if you win them with a percentage of not less than 90, Belarus became a member of the European Parliament and the European Union. "


George W. Bush: "We passed a good meeting administration, which the Minister of Defense and the Secretary of State told us about our desire to spread democracy around the world."

Alexander Lukashenko: "Of course, you decide, but it will be so, as I said."

Vladimir Putin: "I just do not want the executive power in the country's political overly fond of shaking. We have a government which is professionally engaged in this. "

BUT WE CAN rose from his knees

Leonid Kuchma: "Ukraine — a poor country with many problems about which we can say anything you want, and where you can go, wiping his feet, as a wet rag, and go on."

Vladimir Putin: "Russia could rise from his knees and how to deal a blow."

George W. Bush: "We need to protect our home country."

Alexander Lukashenko: "The standard of living, which is today the Belarusian people for various reasons, below the knee, even lower can not be."

PRESIDENTS of each other

Leonid Kuchma: "Russia — our owe. Not in a legal sense, but in the moral. In the end, this is what binds nasdrug other, rather than divides. Still, it is a duty, not going anywhere. I think the realization of this duty does not contains nothing offensive to Russia. The recognition of this duty, on the contrary, will elevate Russia. "

Vladimir Putin: "That incest between Russian and Ukrainians, which occurred over the centuries, leaves us no choice."

Leonid Kuchma: "Above us no clouds, no Khmara … Temperature appropriate — neither hot nor cold" (about the relations between Moscow and Kiev).

Alexander Lukashenko: "We need to build a Union State on the basis of their own interests, as taught by Mr. Bush."

Vladimir Putin: "George Bush is such a wonderful person, even if he does not understand my English at all, he pretends that he understands what I'm saying."

Alexander Lukashenko: "If we put aside the personal insults, we managed to shake up the relationship between our peoples" (about the talks with Putin.)

Vladimir Putin: "I was very excited to be lodged at Bush's ranch. I think he had to think about what happens when he launched himself to a former employee of the Soviet foreign intelligence. "

I especially love

Leonid Kuchma: "I especially love poking around in the ground. In the country where I live, all the residents to get to work. "

George W. Bush: "Laura and I often do not notice what is sensible in our children until we get an objective analysis of the data."

Alexander Lukashenko: "Sorry for the lack of modesty, but Yeltsin with me on the court is unable to cope. Korzhakov not cope. Luzhkov has lost three times. The last time we played with Luzhkov to 5000 tons of butter

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