Review created in Russian pharmaceutical clusters

The article discussed in detail created now pharmaceutical clusters: the site «Neudorf» and «Novo-Orlovsky» in St. Petersburg, «Novosyolki» in Yaroslavl region, a center of innovative biotechnology and pharmaceuticals «Park of the active molecules» and the industrial park «Vorsino» in Kaluga region, Technopark «Pharmaceuticals» in the Stavropol region, biofarmklaster «North» in Dolgoprudnom.

The main task — to get away from dependence on imports and to create their own laboratories and factories for the development and production of effective and safe drugs, and in cooperation with leading manufacturers, and completely unique Russian design.


Molecular map of the country
«Health care». Application, № 190 (4731), 11.10.2011 Author: Sergey Artemov

Pharmaceutical clusters created in the country to expand the capacity of the national pharmaceutical industry. The total domestic and foreign investment in the pharmaceutical industry has already exceeded tens of billions of rubles.

Contribution Matvienko

Petersburg pharmaceutical cluster is the largest in size, the volume of investment in Russia. The total domestic and foreign investment in the pharmaceutical industry Petersburg has already exceeded 25 billion rubles.

At the root of the project was the former Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko, has professional farmobrazovanie. Last summer, the area is already opened «Neudorf» (in German means «new village») in Strelna — the first stage of a special economic zone (SEZ) technical type. One of the first of its residents have become innovative pharmaceutical companies «Biocad» and «Farm-holding.» Rental rate of offices and laboratories in the area several times lower than that of similar facilities in the city. SEZ regime has allowed firms operating in high-tech sectors, in a simplified way to export and import through the introduction of a special customs regime. The residents are also entitled to tax benefits. For example, companies do not pay land taxes, and transportation, and the regional portion of the income tax for them has been reduced to 13.5%.

In mid-June at the site «Novo-Orlovsky» (the second stage of the SEZ) has laid its first factory in Russia Swiss company «Novartis», which has indicated readiness to invest in a cluster of about $ 500 million


Swiss farmogigant Novartis operates in three pharmcluster — on-site «Novo-Orlovsky» in St. Petersburg, in the Yaroslavl ‘Novoselki «in the Kaluga region. Investment plans are up to several hundred million dollars

As the chief executive officer of Novartis International AG, Joseph Jimenez, within the framework of the investment project «Novartis Neva» in St. Petersburg will be built a modern plant for the production of pharmaceuticals capacity of 1.5 billion units per year. The company will produce low-cost generic drugs and innovative proprietary drugs for the treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer, immunological and other disorders. In addition, the company plans to use the platform of the SEZ «Novo Orel» for research and development. Directly in the construction of the plant is planned to invest about $ 140 million launch of the first production scheduled for early 2013, and the project will be completed in 2014.

The following year, in Petersburg pharmaceutical cluster plans to open a new plant and the company «Geropharm.» In addition to creating new pharmaceutical plants, laboratories of modern St. Petersburg authorities are paying attention to the training of qualified personnel. Last summer, Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy has signed an agreement with the company Stada to establish a center of training. A similar agreement was signed with the company Pfizer. In addition, Himfarmakademii soon will open a special course — the practices of GMP. In addition to the Academy of professionals to work in the pharmaceutical cluster is prepared in the University of Technology.

Yaroslavl classic

Yaroslavl ‘Novosyolki «are a classic cluster that is created from scratch. Its initiator — Governor Sergei Vahrukov. «Most of the international pharmaceutical companies mainly invest in three areas: St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl and Kaluga. These regions offer a real infrastructure to create capacity«- Emphasizes Yonsteyn Davidsen, president of Nycomed Russia / CIS, which is building a factory in the» Novoselki. «The investment is estimated at € 70 million

A new plant for the production of building products and the largest supplier of medicines for state programs the company «Erfarm.» Experts believe that «most likely, the company soon will buy patents on molecules with multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers.»

Signed agreements with Indian companies.

In addition, «Novartis Pharma» has launched a very useful project for the modernization of the region and therapeutic cardiology services. The plans «Novartis» — the creation of a training hospital for doctors.

Kaluga mix

«In Kaluga did cleverly, first collected a rich collection of pharmaceutical producers received» mix «of generic and innovative companies, and then started for them to create a new scientific basis: Center of innovative biotechnology and pharmaceuticals» Park of the active molecules «,» — said Nikolai Demidov, CEO CMR «Pharmexpert».

«Ready infrastructure and support for the administration of the region, as it is in the Kaluga region, are a very important factor in attracting investment«- Says the chairman of the board of directors of the company» Novo Nordisk «Sergey Smirnov.

Unlike the two previous projects, Kaluga pharmaceutical cluster is formed on the basis of existing facilities.

AstraZeneca Company evaluates its investments in Kaluga industrial park «Vorsino» a $ 150 million issue of finished products, the company plans to launch in the spring of 2013. By 2019, production of a complete cycle (from creation of formulations to packaging) is about 500 million tablets. «I am sure that AstraZeneca will establish a stable release of socially significant medicinal products and this will significantly expand the range of available Russian innovative medicines«- Says Anatoly Artamonov, Governor of Kaluga.

The plant «Hemofarm» already running the company Stada CIS. In the process of realization of the project is the company «Berlin Chemie». Greater interest in the region shows «Novartis», which experts collaborate with Russian developers of «Medbiopharm.»

With the support of AstraZeneca in Obnins
k, a new training center for the training of professionals. Investments in the new training center will amount to € 20 million in Technopark Today concessional conduct research about 30 companies. Particular progress has been made in Radiopharmaceuticals.


One of the participants in the Stavropol pharmcluster «Pharmaceuticals», ESKOM, is going to become a national leader in hospital solutions

Southern profile

Farmklaster created in Stavropol. Under the park «Pharmaceuticals» in the industrial area of the regional center allocated a plot of land of 50 hectares. The main initiator of the cluster is the local Research and Production Concern ESKOM, which has set an ambitious goal — to become a national leader in the production of hospital solutions.

Eskom plans to have a good chance of being realized, experts say. First, the concern has reliable partners in the form of local companies («Biokom», NGO «Microgen», FSUE «Stavropol biofabrika», NGO «Pulse +», «ST-Mediafarm», etc.). Second, the pharmaceutical cluster has a good intellectual feeding: specialized professionals in the region are preparing several high schools.

Stavropol scientists together with «RUSNANO» preparing a pilot project for the production of drugs directed actions that create with the use of nanobiotechnology. A new form of the drug will deliver the necessary drugs directly into the cell.

Recently a breakthrough

Last year at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute in suburban Dolgoprudnom began to form biofarmklaster «North.» In addition it includes MIPT CHT «KhimRAR», «quinacrine», «Protek» SPC «Farmzaschita», Institute of Biomedical Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, the Fund «Skolkovo».

The cluster is focused on creating around MIPT belt of small innovative enterprises and corporate laboratories in the field of «living systems». «The cluster formed to develop innovative products, applied research, and not for the development of production», — said the president of NP «Innovation Development Center BFC» North «» Oleg baskets. According to him, now in the Department of Molecular and Biological Physics, MIPT is building a new biopharmaceutical multi-storey housing. It will house research laboratories, pilot plants. In January 2012, will open a business incubator.

As part of the development of the cluster «Northern» is planned by 2020 is to develop ten new drugs to treat diseases of the central nervous system, cancer, influenza and hepatitis C, according to director of translational research CHT «KhimRAR» Basil Kasei. Three of the ten compounds are undergoing clinical trials. According to Mr. Kase, created in the «North» products have export potential, «We decided that it makes sense to focus not only on the Russian market, but also to try to catch the western market. So already in negotiations with several foreign pharmaceutical companies. «

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