Review of dry rations PRI-7

Like something out of a trip to the 34th mountain brigade I brought a packed lunch PRI-7, presented by one of the officers. Today finally got around to sample the taste.
We have individual food intake (PRI), option 7.
I remind you that this is just one of the options soldering, other equipment may be different.
Especially photograph next to a box of matches to be able to assess the size

Made of "Leningrad" (Krasnodar region. Is a diversified structural production of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation), whose principal production — of "Gryazinsky Food Factory" (Lipetsk region)

Now rations produced just such cartons, coated on the inside with foil. I do not like such a scenario, because box less resistant to damage than the previously used plastic. For example, in this embodiment, the handle very quickly stretched beyond its limits, but for her, and I actively did not pull. If pulled out a stuffed haversack or backpack — will come off. Also, after the autopsy revealed that in spite of the device and the box has been damaged in some way with a bag of sugar and a packet of jam, causing part of the cans and packages had to scour from the above mentioned products. On top of that one of the spoons were part of the set was almost broken in half. Or am I so lucky, or really afraid collapsings box.
Open package

Removed from inside the box in which the tightly packed contents soldering

Instructions for use

Meat with green peas and carrots

Beef Stew

Buckwheat porridge with beef

Herring in oil

Vegetable Paste

Processed cheese

Serious bid

Total 4 packs of biscuits (8 pcs.), Two of them from the first grade wheat flour and two of wholemeal flour. Earlier in the dry biscuit rations made only of first grade flour

Dry beverage concentrate

Includes three packages of tea

Now it is not burnt sugar extract as before, and quite a normal packet of tea leaves

To tea is two bags of apple jam

Sugar into three cups of tea

The pouch is fully paper, no protection against moisture is not, so a reserve in the field a long time to carry by either breaks or gets wet. Uncomfortably

The novelty in comparison with earlier suhpaykami — ground black pepper and salt. I never wanted to add salt or pepper packed lunch, so in the sense I do not see them much (salt, however, it is possible to use a regular meal), but fans will definitely be happy to acute

What pepper, the salt, again in paper bags, which does not allow them to keep in reserve in the field.

Multivitamin — 1 pc.

Hygiene items are disinfectant wipes. Now there are two options — body and equipment and cutlery. In the fields in anyone to pay attention to the inscription will be, the more part of the same tissue))

Piercing separating tissues, poorly done, which is why when you try to separate them was opening one of the packages. It is necessary to correct

Included are three simple paper napkins

And as much as three spoons against one in earlier versions. Pictured are four of them, because Comes with cheese

That same spoon that was bruised in appearance is a whole box. Visible and traces of jam from the damaged bags

Opener for cans

Hunting matches and dry fuel. At the last visible traces of the same extruded jam

Split open jars. They, of course, can be heated in a closed form, but we must make sure that the bank did not explode due to overheating, and then open the hot uncomfortable. Therefore chose to open in advance

Bank with vegetable caviar opened easier — just pull the corner

Bank with melted cheese revealed even more convenient

Open beef

Meat with green peas


Herring in oil. It was awkward to open as Bank was a little deformed and the oil immediately rushed outside. It is better to pack in the same tough bank, like cheese

Wholemeal biscuits made of flour

Proceed to heat up.
Pull the button disunite trivet and a container with pills

Proceed to heat up.
Pull the button disunite trivet and a container with pills

Here is trivet in working condition

If the tablet is ejected from the container simply by pressure, the float being made of a soft material that does not wish to push packages, whereby it had to be cut with a knife. Omission

Sulfur on the tablet, of course, ignited at about chirkanii grater, but the flames almost immediately damped, so I had set fire to the matches. On sulfur save what?

Personal advice — if you GREET canned food, then put trivet so, as in the photo. And if you want to boil water in a mug, then turn the trivet. Then the tablet will be directly under the cup and the flame will warm it, not the atmosphere ;)

Before heating finely recommend "chop" the content, it's faster and more evenly heated and then there is the more convenient — no sprinkles with awkward attempts to separate piece

Light a match hunting

It seems to me, or is it a dry fuel after burning leaves more "fume" than before?

Impressions from the process of eating.
1. Spoons — sucks. First of all, scared to click on it, a feeling that is about to break. Secondly, who came up with to make it sharp edges? Almost every time after sending the next portion of the mouth, hurt inner surface of the lips, which scraped spoon. Well, the spoon is now more spacious than the previous rations, but make it a little harder and chamfer the ends.
2. Beef stew. I am glad that it went back to the taste of the meat, which was lost in the past years.
3. Buckwheat. Nothing has changed, as was good, and remained.
4. Meat with green peas. I'm just not a fan of these dishes so much of an impression it made on me, but the fields will go with a bang. A very satisfying thing, by the way.
5. Herring. The usual canned fish.
6. Vegetable caviar. Again, not a big fan of these dishes, so prefer to just put tomato sauce. But again, in the fields will go for a sweet soul.
7. Processed cheese. Just processed cheese.
8. Jam. Very good comes with biscuits. Minus — no notches on the packaging for any strain. The result has to tear the teeth.

9. Dry beverage concentrate. If they drank, "Jupiter" or "Invite", then you know how it looks. In the field, a very favorite drink

10. Seabiscuit. Those that of first grade flour is normal, wallpaper — something not very much, probably because the products do not eat bran. Unusual.
11. Tea. Finally, conventional bag and not extract with sugar.

Well, the PRI-7 a good lunch box, which must modify slightly in terms of packaging and quality components. It is a pity that there is no sweets, they would not have prevented.

I recommend to see all my records by the tag "dry rations", you can see the testing of solder IRP-B-1 and chat with one of the producers of dry rations. By the way, some of my comments, as we see, are accounted ;).

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