Rosagroleasing develops cooperation with the Far East

May 4, met Director General of "Rosagroleasing" Valery Nazarov, Minister of Agriculture of the Amur region, Sergei Vologdin and leader of "Agro-Soyuz Far East" Dmitry Kotelkin. The meeting participants discussed the prospects of raising funds to federal leasing projects in the livestock and crop production in the Amur region.

According to Dmitry Kotelkina, "the company currently focuses on vertical integration. The development plans of the enterprise up to 2020 — the formation of working the land over 100 hectares, and the development of cattle breeding in the district. "

"This year, for the development of animal husbandry in the Far East" Rosagroleasing "plans to deliver more 7 thousand. heads of highly beef and dairy cattle "- Valery Nazarov.

"Today JSC" Agro-Soyuz Far East "has invested more than 50 million in training in the Amur region sites for 2.5 thousand head of beef cattle, which will come in 2012 from Australia by the" federal leasing ", According to Dmitry Kotelkin.

In November last year, the economy "Agro-Soyuz Far East" through "Rosagroleasing" has already been supplied a batch of Australian cattle Aberdeen Angus of 94 goals.

In addition, D. Kotelkin noted that "the company is currently active work on the introduction of a fallow land. Just this year, in the Amur Region us put 19 thousand hectares, next year plans to process 40 thousand hectares. fallow land. " Also an important indicator of the company is to increase acreage: back in 2010, the area planted was 5 ha, while this year the figure rose to 29 thousand hectares, next year plans to plant 70 hectares.

At present, with the involvement of "federal leasing" the farm "Agro-Soyuz Far East" is building grain drying complex.

Total interaction "Rosagroleasing" with agricultural Amur region delivered 5,726 head of breeding cattle more than $ 475 million; leased 264 units of agricultural machinery (tractors, automotive equipment, harvesters) totaling more than 630 million rubles.

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