Russia creates the largest ship after 1989

Russia creates the largest ship after 1989

Superesminets will be armed with cruise missiles, also promising complexes Air and Missile Defense
Navy led to own the most excellent project the coming decades. How did you know «Izvestia», the Main Command of the Navy approved the project predeskizny promising destroyer distant maritime zone, which presented Bureau (PCB) «Northern» in St. Petersburg.

The last big Russian ship, and then another Russian shipbuilders built in 1989 — then the water was lowered heavy nuclear missile cruiser «Peter the Great», which in 1998 became the flagship of the Russian fleet and the world’s largest warship (not including aircraft carriers).

After defending the project in 2-3 years designers have worked for techno documentation appearance of the ship and its weapons. Most likely, the destroyer lay on the Petersburg «Severnaya Verf», but the final decision of the Navy Main Command has not yet accepted.

The representative of the military-industrial complex (MIC) explained «Izvestia», the new destroyer will be the largest warship, designed and built since the Soviet era.

— Displacement destroyer meant little or equal smallest Project 1164 missile cruiser «Moskva». In other words, in the region of 12 tons It is a versatile ship with shock, anti-submarine, anti-aircraft and anti-missile even functions. He also fails to support ground troops fire in coastal areas — said a source in the defense industry.

While quite hard to imagine the size of a large destroyer Black Sea Fleet flagship cruiser «Moskva» and superior South American cruiser URO (guided missile weapon) class Ticonderoga. In all 27 U.S. Navy cruisers available — particularly in this series.

According to «Izvestia», superesminets will be armed with anti-ship missiles, cruise missiles for attacks on ground targets, promising air and missile defense complexes, including the C-500 «Prometheus». To combat the underwater objects is planned to equip its sonar and torpedoes.

In the Navy of the USSR and the Russian Federation was the only Project 956 destroyer — «Modern.» At displacement 8 kt he was armed with only anti-ship missiles «Mosquito» and air defense systems, and agents against submarines had. The destroyer was very demanding maintenance of the power plant, in particular the quality of the boiler water. Because since the 1990s in a series of 17 ships in service were nine other decommissioned and scrapped.

— Navy destroyer to our needs very, displacement and even embarrassing. The main South American destroyer Arleigh Burke type too much — 9648 tons, carries Tomahawk cruise missiles and antiship Harpoon. All 62 air defense destroyers powerful system with Aegis, — commented the representative of the CMO.

According to him, the huge size dictated by a mission to provide combat stability of the ship’s groups in remote areas of the oceans and act Marine Corps expeditionary operations. Unlike the U.S. Our homeland has no bases around the world, the ability to replenish stocks are limited, so we need «all their carry with them», he highlighted.

First, the new destroyer should protect helicopter «Mistral» and in the upcoming — and promising nuclear aircraft carriers.

— PKB «North» has gained good experience in designing huge shock ships. Flagship Fleet missile cruiser «Peter the Great», also have a large anti-submarine ship «Admiral Chabanenko» — is his development — recalled «Izvestia» interlocutor.

Rear Admiral retired Vladimir Zakharov said «Izvestia» that a small number of units in the series — three.

— It would be nice to have nine new destroyers in the Pacific and Northern fleets, 5 more pieces in the Baltic. But first — the Pacific. The main task was to ensure the deployment of submarines — the admiral said.

Military expert, creator of books on the history of Russian and Russian Navy Boltenkov Dmitry believes that over the past 20 years, our homeland, in fact, missed a whole generation of ships.

— Most of the large fleets of the world during this period had to build a huge number of large and well-armed ships with functional information and control systems, and air defense missile moschnvmi, and antiship cruise missiles. It’s time for us to connect, — he said, «Izvestia».

In his view, the base surface forces of — cruisers in 1164, huge 1155 anti-submarine ships, destroyers 956 — benign ships, but the end of their service life is not far off.

Alexei Mikhailov, Dmitry Balburov

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