Russia is ready to provide us 6000000000. And we are ready to give 36 billion that we borrowed!

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Kudrin confirmed that the EurAsEC anti-crisis fund is considering the loan for Belarus to $ 3 billion. He also said that Belarus has enough assets to supplement the loan program. Like, you need to reach a certain amount of privatization. How do the experts to advice the Russian side?

Kirill Koktysh

Moscow political analyst Kirill Koktysh believes that the sale of the assets we are talking only about how to maintain the existing order of life in Belarus, and not on how to transform the Belarusian economy. According to Koktysh, there are serious concerns that in three or four months in Belarus may get the same situation, but it will not be those that are can be to sell. In case does not work, that Russia is pushing Belarus to the dangerous option?

"Belarus solves its problems, its Russian. If you can buy something cheap and at the same time for a fairly low price, then why not do it? If your neighbor is forced to sell the things that really need it the most, that is his problem. Russia simply to demonstrate that it will not solve other people's problems. It allows you to solve the problems of Minsk, Minsk as he then decide. And that's it. Consequences — a headache Minsk, not Moscow. Wants to sell — can sell. Do not want to — can not sell. But he decides it will be so. And those problems and that responsibility to the Belarusian society — it is the responsibility of the Belarusian government and the Belarusian president. "

Michael Zaleski

Economist Michael Zaleski believes that Vladimir Putin arrived in Minsk for another presidential term. He starts a public relations campaign for his election campaign.

"What is there to comment? We already go begging. Aides and associates citizen Lukashenko screaming that there is no crisis. And now they see anti-crisis fund appeal. So we have a crisis or not, he was right or wrong? It is simply a lie all tired. Well, give us a billion. We put it mildly, drive. And then what? Russia is ready to provide us 6000000000. And we are ready to give 36 billion that we borrowed! That's what we should talk. "

According to Zaleski, Russia wants to take from Belarus "Beltransgaz", "Belaruskali", two oil refineries.

"The question is not about how much we who are willing to give. The question of how much we are going to return. We are not ready to return a penny. We have nothing to return. As in the joke — even though she lay down. Thus, we begin to go. This is a danger to the nation, as it turns into nothing. First, lost language, then faith, then the factories. And finally, themselves. "


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