RUSSIA PREPARES hypersonic missile «BrahMos 2» «

RUSSIA PREPARES hypersonic missile
After testing supersonic missile «BrahMos» Russian experts at the latest on the switch, hypersonic version — «BrahMos 2». Developers estimated one hundred percent multifunctional layout appears in 5 years.
Our homeland and India have already tested together developed supersonic cruise missile «BrahMos» which can move twice faster sound. On the approach newcomer modification — «BrahMos 2,» which will reach hypersonic speed and 7 M. Such guns is no other country in the world.
«BrahMos 2» will be launched with a variety of platforms: marine, land and air. By brand new missile flight tests will be ready in 2017.
«I think we need about 5 years to create the first one hundred percent multifunctional prototype» — said General Director of BrahMos Aerospace Sivathanu Pillai. He also noted that laboratory tests conducted at the speed of a rocket 6.5 M, ie practically experienced benchmark hypersonic missile or its engine already exists.
Western experts at Russian design are skeptical and note the complexity and possible difficulties with the creation of a hypersonic ramjet engine (scramjet). Yet, the problem with scramjet Yankees managed to solve on their own experimental rocket scramjet X-51 Waverider. During the tests, X-51 reached a speed of more than 6 M. Copa experienced hypersonic X-43 flew even faster — almost 10 M. However, Americans so far not been able to completely solve the problem of excessive heating of hypersonic missiles and control at high speeds.
But, according to U.S. intelligence, which is the birthplace of our experienced scramjet on hydrogen fuel in 1998. The tests took place in Kazakhstan, and then also achieved speed of Mach 6.4. In 2001, the South American military analysts drew attention to the mysterious missile tests, similar tests on instruments based on scramjet. Also, not so long ago, Dmitry Rogozin, said the development of hypersonic weapons and non-significant achievements oblivion Russian design bureaus in hypersonic motion.
The country, which first put on the creation of a common high-hypersonic missiles receive severe military advantage, including a strategic scale. Missiles at a speed of more than 7 M actually invulnerable to modern air defense systems and are capable of destroying a very protected ground and sea targets. By his own potential hypersonic weapon comparable with tactical nuclear warheads.

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