Russian Newsweek: In 2011 Russia will start economic blockade of Belarus

"The war between Dmitry Medvedev and Alexander Lukashenko came to a head: Moscow and Minsk are preparing for the economic blockade of Belarus" — writes the Russian Newsweek, analyzing the current state of Russian-Belarusian relations.

Here are a few excerpts from the article "The conversation disorder", published on the website of the Russian magazine:

"Russia and Belarus for almost one and a half months of fighting a war of nerves, and by December it will not end. First attack took place in Moscow July 4, NTV television showed a documentary film" The Godfather. "The next day, Medvedev and Lukashenko arrived in Astana on the summit of the Eurasian Economic Community and at the same time congratulated Nazarbayev Happy Birthday. And then there was the final break. In a personal conversation with Nazarbayev, says a source close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly resentful Lukashenko said something insulting to the Russian president. Nazarbayev, it immediately gave Medvedev and myself, since then, Lukashenko is not talking. In Moscow, too, decided: this is the last straw.

Began a war of extermination. A Kremlin source said that at a meeting of Medvedev formulated a new approach to Lukashenko something like this: "With him now would like to Yushchenko. '"


The fight with the Belarusian leader, seems to go the usual scenario. On the night of January 1, 2011 ends with another gas deal between Moscow and Minsk, which means that the gas war will start again. At the White House, said a source in the government Newsweek'a, thought: Belarus will not be able to close a hole in its budget, which is formed in the first quarter of 2011. And then — this is supposedly Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has already reported to the president at a meeting — it will be necessary just do not give in to the requests for a loan and pay for the transit of small portions with a delay. "


"Lukashenko is, of course, realizes that easily retain power in the election, but I have to think what to do next — and very soon, when, because of the economic blockade in Belarus comes the current economic crisis. Source in Minsk told Newsweeku that the British consultant Lukashenko Timothy Bell has advised him to make himself "Operation Successor" — for example, to transfer power to his son Victor, a member of the Belarusian Security Council and Assistant to the President for National Security. "

Completely read the article HERE.

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