Samples of digital printing company SUN at customs mistaken for real painting

Van Gogh "Sunflowers". Reproduction printed on special canvas using the technique of three-dimensional printing, simulating the brush strokes


Samples printed Innovative Company SAN performed in a unique technique of large-format 3D printing, detained at the Russian customs — they are really very similar to the originals of artistic curiosities.

Parcel with print samples for customers in Colombia, sent Innovative company SUN, detained by customs at a Moscow airport. Customs officers managed to mislead the valiant reproduction of a famous painting Van Gogh's "Sunflowers": It was printed on special canvas using the technique of three-dimensional printing, simulating the brush strokes.

Untrained and inexperienced viewers and experts have adopted this model for a small copy of the great original works written by the oil in the nineteenth century. High quality printing has played with innovators from SAN intricate joke — Russian civil servants suspected that the reproduction is of particular value in terms of culture and banned its dispatch without special permission Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

"We often send customers samples of print, so they were able to assess the quality of our printers, the quality of our unique ink — says the customs incident Deputy General Director of SAN Alexander Radchenko. — Normal practice. Moreover, these samples — not just on canvas or cloth: Our printers print on glass, plastic, wood, water — on anything, on any flat surface, with virtually no restrictions. "

Bulk printing made possible by the unique properties of ink developed by chemists SUN: They are applied layer by layer and instantly cured under the influence of LEDs. This technology — the know-how of Russian innovators. The height of "accrued" layer can be up to 6 mm, and on this indicator competitors in the world have SAN virtually none.

Applications of this invention are many, ranging from the use of the interior (decorating wall panels, making reproductions, etc.) and to printing labels in Braille — for visually impaired people.

Innovative company SUNRussian producer and exporter of printing equipment and nanoinks. RUSNANO project company. The unique development of SUN — printing technology based on LEDs, which is different ecology, energy efficiency and allows the application of images on any materials, including water. Production SAN is used in more than 70 countries around the world.

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