Saratov Museum of Military Glory — winner of national competition

Saratov Museum of Military Glory - winner of national competitionNearing the sacred and memorable holiday for every citizen of Russia — May 9 — Victory Day! Life goes on, and the ranks of our glorious veterans are thinning every year. And those members of the war, that attain the age, not the strength to meet representatives of the younger generation for educational purposes.

Today, therefore, a major role in the patriotic education of youth play a museum of military and labor glory. Saratov State Museum of Military Glory is considered one of the most unique. On the 4 ha are more than one hundred and eighty exhibits, of which more than one hundred and thirty pieces of equipment.

April 26 summed up the third national competition for the best guides to the patriotic theme. Saratov Museum of Military Glory, which was presented to the competition, two projects among the winners. The scientific work of the Deputy Director of the Museum of Olga Grishanina, one of which covers the topic of courage of Soviet soldiers during World War II, and the other argues that the joy of childhood — the freedom of communication and movement, awarded diplomas of the second degree.

These works have been presented in the following categories: "Patriotic education of youth in cultural institutions" and "Education of patriotism in children with disabilities." It should be added that the participants in the national competition were projects of museums, art centers, cultural centers, not only in Russia, but also Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

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