Scientists argue that promises earthlings approaching Moon

She comes so close that it can be considered the smallest details. A few times this has happened before. It is true that nothing good came of it. Moon — natural satellite of Earth — to scientists in the coming days will be from the planet at a minimum distance. How dangerous it is and what to expect from the earthlings so close this time?
When a person goes to the moon, it is called the development of the planet. When the moon is to the person — not good it will not be a. At the very least, insist on this the scientists who see in this event a bad sign. March 19 the moon closer to the Earth at a record close distance — 356 and a half thousand kilometers. In the last century it has happened four times. And every intimacy left behind are not the most pleasant experience.
For example, the 92nd year. Hurricane "Andrew" simply destroys the Bahamas and the Florida coast. Roof over their head lose thousands. That same year, suddenly flooding inundated France lost — tens.
The last time the moon to the Earth was so close in 2005. Then there was a monstrous earthquake in Pakistan, which killed more than 70,000 people. In the same year, Guatemala falls deadly Hurricane "Stan", which killed a thousand people. And in the same year in the United States came to "Katrina" — the most destructive hurricane in the country's history, killed about one thousand three hundred.
Maybe it's just a coincidence. The scientists, who believe that the approach of the moon — it is no more than an approximation of the moon, said that after March 19 on this planet nothing will change. Avoid disasters, of course, is unlikely to succeed, but the reason for it will not be the celestial bodies.
"All will be well", — says Evgeny Lazarev, Researcher of the Moon and the planets of the State Astronomical Institute. AK Sternberg.
According to scientists, the only real opportunity to see the effects of the moon will be closer to those who this year will go to the coast of the ocean, where the level of increase of the tides. All the matter in the gravitational forces between the Earth and the Moon, which, after March 19, in fact, increase.
In general, scientists believe the moon approaching the unique chance to examine it better. XXI century could be the century of a breakthrough in the study of the natural satellite of our planet. Several world powers said that by mid-century are going to deploy on its manned moon base.


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