Sea power of. Deadly Games

October 28 1962 the submarine B-59, commanded by Valentin Savitsky produces a torpedo with a nuclear warhead on South American aircraft carrier "Rendle" ….
The explosion destroys a dozen ships within 50 mil.Prezident U.S. John F. Kennedy gave the order to strike back on missile positions in Cuba. Multiple rocket launchers R-12 that survived the first wave of bombing strikes back nuclear blow to the country the United States. South American missile submarines produce nuclear ballistic missiles at naikrupneyshim factory centers of the USSR. Martial act involving weapons of mass destruction last several months. On the face of the Earth erased many naikrupneyshie town. Hundreds of millions of people died. A significant part of the area of Europe and the United States of radioactively zarazhena.Nyneshny world really could become so. If it was not one accident ……Day October 28 1962 year could be the last days of our era.

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