Seafarers on BTR-50

He served active duty in the Primorye Territory in the Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment, located in Section Barabash. At the armed infantry in our time, as it was in 1981, there were BTR-50. Who knows this technique, he will not lie. This APC is floating, why it has two jet. It's prehistory. So here, drove artillery division artillery firing at the landfill, located on Cape Kern (can not remember the title), in the area of Slav, develop standards to repel landing marines. Well, we shot fired, stepped off day. And somehow, all the officers have gone missing — according to unconfirmed reports, the celebrated day of birth colleague. Well, if the fighters without supervision, and even on the sandy beach in the summer sea, means swimming, sunbathing, and just mess around. Lafayette came. And one of the men had an idea, and let's go swimming in the APC on the sea, there is no benefit of supervision. How persuaded mechanics, I do not remember, but he himself did not like was to test against your own buoyancy on BTR.

Said made, we sat on the armor, the mechanic started, and we like real sailors went to sea, armored personnel carriers with a catch was on a sandy beach, and here we are Kolyshev on the waves, ecstasy is no limit. Mechanic mode is switched to the water cannons, raised lip (nose guard) and we swam. It must be said, we are on the armor was 20 people, not less. But disaster struck, we began to notice something that our armadillo was filled up to the stern and slowly go to the bottom. Team SOS, and the entire crew of the battleship jumped from the deck into the water, the last to leave the sinking ship captain, that is to say a driver. Poburliv rapidly, our beloved ship slowly lay down on the floor. To the shore was 25-30 meters, so that the crew in blue satin pants to his knees safely rescuing.

BTR lay on the floor at a depth of about 5-6 meters. On the bank began a rapid clarification of the circumstances of the crash. And the reason was the usual and obvious. All APCs, usually stood in the park for weeks, only the mechanics of the plant, and they stood in the open air, in the pits were only tank battalion of tanks and armored personnel carriers 1MSB. And because it rains on the street and water gets into the engine and the troop compartment, mechanics twisted tube in the bottom to drain the water. That our mechanic cork, then twisted, and in front of our sea journey tighten forgotten. That said, it opened the scuttle.

Next, in order to hide the traces of the crash began our activities to raise the sunken submarine. Were driven two and one MTLB BTR-50. assembled a festoon cables, removed from all equipment, which was at that time at the site, by the way, at this stage there were already fathers commanders, a little flushed pairs of alcohol, drove them to the target of a raft of hewn logs, and we started diving in the sea The depth of the rope, or rather do not dive, but simply fall into the abyss with the heaviest armored cable ear. I do not remember what to test, but hooked BTR, peacefully lying in the old days, and with the approaching vehicles began to pull "the hippo out of the swamp." Surprisingly then, that the cables had not torn. And it was on the sandy beach, the caterpillars were digging sand, and can not pull out. As a turnip, right word. In short, stretched his long, stretched already NIGHT MODE. The sight was more then. The funny thing is that the officers sobered up, well, we did not give them a break. Stretching out on the APC store, everyone went to sleep in their tents. In the morning, the crew of the battleship began on resuscitating government property. After 6 hours of continuous work, the APC started, and peacefully went to a small seaside river to wash off the salty tracks. Taki ended our infamous sea saga.

The moral to serve in the infantry, do not try to serve the mariner.

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