Searches in the AP and Fox News were on the personal orders of U.S. Attorney General

By scandal with the American journalists were involved in the most high-ranking officials in the administration of Barack Obama. The decision to issue the search warrant was made at the highest levels, including Attorney General Eric Holder, although the document was originally asked a federal judge.

The aggressive attitude of the Obama administration to information leaks in the press has been the object of attention in the last week in connection with the investigation by Fox News correspondent James Rosen and agency Associated Press. This prompted the U.S. President to instruct Holder to revise federal regulations to investigate such cases.

By the way, two days ago, Barack Obama said that "confused the probability that the trials could reduce interest in investigative journalism, which keeps the government in check."

Recall that on May 13, the Ministry of Justice received a call recording and 20 leased lines used by the Associated Press correspondents to communicate with editors from April to May 2012. Associated Press called the action agency "massive and unprecedented intrusion" into their operations. In this case, the Office stated that thus monitored the observance of the norms of criminal law.

A little later, the ministry formally accused James Rosen's "criminal association" in the disclosure of information related to national security. Publications which have caused such anger came out in 2009 and related to U.S. policy toward North Korea.

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