Secret 3 or what we know. Down the Rabbit Hole online

Want to find out exactly how the law of attraction? What mechanisms allow human thoughts create reality out of thin air?

Then you just need to watch the movie The secret 3 or What we know of. Down the rabbit hole. (What The Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole).

The secret 3 is not so much a sequel to Secret-2 or "The power of thought. What we know about it »(« What The Bleep Do We Know »), as more fully his version, augmented animation and some interesting scientific facts.

The basic idea of the film — it's an all-pervading unity of theory. Nothing in the world does not exist by itself, the energy level, everything is inseparably connected with everything. We — clumps of thought in the thinking of the universe, its sequel, and this knowledge is extremely powerful.

In fact, the reality is much more than we can see much more than we can imagine. The human brain processes more than 400 billion bits of information, but we are aware of only two thousand of them.

Every morning, getting up from the bed, a story we tell ourselves about the world around us, think about it, we create it at every level of our being — and what we get?


Familiar most ordinary everyday reality.

The film provides a glimpse into the everyday reality of a slightly different angle, ask yourself the question: who is really responsible for everything that surrounds us?

Watch documentary online Secret 3:



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