Senegal. Pink Lake Retba

Retba Lake (English Lake Retba), which is located in Senegal, it would be nothing attractive if it were not there has been an amazing color. It is pink. Moreover, this body of water looks very appetizing and more like a lake, where the water instead of milk shake with strawberries.

The unusual coloring Retba acquired for several reasons. First, in the waters of the lake a lot of salt. Its concentration is about 40%. The salt in the water body is not only in the form of a solution. There are also many crystals of the mineral. Local residents are committed to extract salt and excrete it yourself manually. Second, the microorganisms living there are red because produce a special pigment to absorb the sun's rays. This bacteria is called Dunaliella salina. These are what allow the lake to have such an unusual coloring.

Worth mentioning that these creatures are able to live only in very salty water bodies. Such Retbe water on the planet has a few more. They'll also have a very high concentration of salt, as well as provide habitat for red-organisms. But until recently, scientists believed that the salt ponds so life can never have arisen.



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