Serbia. Mountain Rtan. Anyone who wants to survive 21.12.12 — here!

It appears in Serbia expect the flood 21.12.12 , because on Mount Rtan just sold out.
All hotels are located within it simply overwhelmed. Meet doomsday on the mountain — what could be more fun?

The hotel manager near mountaintop told the British newspaper The Telegraph, that one day they received 500 orders once a booking. People are going to come to grief with their families.

Proponents of an apocalyptic version believes that Rtan radiates a special energy that can help them escape from imminent death two weeks later all of humanity. Woe to run a variety of ancient mystical legends and stories that have attracted, including the well-known British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. The writer is a mysterious place called "the navel of the world."

Rtan is part of the Carpathian mountain range, and is a limestone massif in the form of a pyramid with height of 1570 meters. One legend tells that the mountains are hidden inside the great treasures wizard who lived here.

The resort at the foot of the mountain Rtan Soko Banja

From the middle of the last century Rtan is protected by the National Office for Nature Protection. Because of the unusual shape, but also because here the detected magnetic and gravitational deviation above the mountain do not fly airplanes. At the top of Shilyak, the highest point in Rtani, is the chapel of St. George.

Previously reported similar hype around the French 1231-meter peak Byugarash in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Authorities reported the rapidly growing popularity of the city among Byugarash awaiting the end of the world. It is believed that December 21 will arrive at Mount aliens and taken away with him wanting to survive, however, be allowed to rise to the top only a few.

According to some, to be the mountain during Armageddon expressed a desire to have about 100,000 journalists, tourists and religious fanatics. Since the modest-sized town can not cope with such a pilgrimage, the authorities decided to restrict access to the mountain, be guarded territory police and rescue workers.



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