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Back in 1994, in the journal "Science and Religion", published an article about the mysterious creatures that inhabited the land before the arrival of Russian at her man. The author calls them serpentoidy, because their ancestors were snakes. Who were they, and whether there were in fact?

"He seized the dragon, the ancient serpent,
which is the Devil, and Satan,
and bound him for a thousand years. "
(Revelation of St. John the Divine)

The enmity of man and serpent (snake) — one of the oldest and most prevalent themes of mythology, most of the peoples of the earth. Brave Perseus killed Medusa insatiable, treacherous serpent entices simple-Adam and Eve, curious to violations of the prohibitions established by God in the Garden of Eden — these examples are innumerable. Let us examine them more closely. From the mythology of ancient India, we know that for a long time, opponents of the gods were snake-like monsters, asuras, who lived in the areas of air.
In Genesis, the first book of the Bible, it is reported that the punishment for seduction snake people lay in the fact that since God's curse he was "walking on her womb." This statement, at least, suggests that up to that time at the snake was a way of getting around.

Modern science paleontology has established the validity of this statement — after the ancestors of today's snakes were four-legged reptiles that resemble dragons of Komodo Island in Indonesia.

Myths of ancient India mentioned Nagas — giant snakes living in the underworld. There they built themselves magnificent palaces, glittering with gold and precious stones. Nagi could change their shape at will, and often appeared among humans in human form.

In the fourth issue of the journal "Science and Religion" in 1994 published an article by one of the active employees of the "Avesta" resident Novokyibishevsk A. Stegalina, a biologist by training. In this article, "In the beginning was the snake," he tried to draw a portrait of a conditional may Serpentoidov civilization existed (from the Latin serpenta — snake).

According to his hypothesis, we (humanity) are not preceded by technical and biological civilization, and to lay the basis of its not "skillful hand," as in homo sapiens, and the "skillful brain." It should be remembered that modern snakes are likely to representatives serpentoidov like a monkey to man.

A. Stegalin suggests that the first of the race serpentoidov appeared on Earth back in the Mesozoic era. Then, 270 million years ago, the planet established the dominant role of reptiles. A. Of course Stegalin — is not the only researcher who expressed similar ideas. For example, a Canadian paleontologist Dale Russell, studying the fossils of dinosaurs stehonihozavrov, found that the size of their brain was growing as fast as the ape-like ancestors of man.

Stehonihozavr — small that walked on two legs lizard appeared somewhere around 70 million years to the present day, at the end of the Mesozoic era. Under certain conditions, these animals could become intelligent beings. The fossil extrapolation gives the following portrait of a reasonable dinosaur. He, above all, a large head, heavily overgrown due to increased brain, and this made the lizard herself. The upper and lower limbs it would be almost the same as in humans. Three-fingered hands, large eye sockets slotted pupils. Growth of about 1 meter 35 cm, body covered with strong scales. (Read more about the hypothetical reasonable dinosaurs described in the journal "Technology-Youth", 1987, № 9).

Probably the first serpentoidy appeared on Earth in the late Paleozoic, in the era of active mountain building and mining of such systems as the — Ural, Tien Shan, Altai. In a hot and dry climate of their brain, "dozing", but serpentoidy had an amazing ability to accumulate in itself and targeted use of natural electricity.

It is known that many animals (especially fish) produce an electrical current, while the South American eels voltage can reach up to 800 volts. However, fish use electricity as a simple discharge. The first serpentoidy probably could use an electric current to create an electromagnetic field acting directly on the brain of the alleged victim (this is most likely due to the famous and mesmerizing view of reptiles).

At first, these abilities were enough for the survival of the species. But over time, the Earth's climate continued to change. Now for the survival serpentoidam needed more than just the ability to search and consume food. A. Stegalin suggests that the appearance of the end of the Mesozoic era of many highly specialized species of dinosaurs is just the result of the development, or rather, the formation of civilization serpentoidov. These dedicated individuals and become the "eyes, ears, hands and feet" of their reasonable overlords.

A. Stegalin also writes: "Therefore, these could be, for example, non-viable (from our point of view) species as seysmozavr — they took care of serpentoidy. Perhaps the giant graveyard of dinosaurs — it's burial grounds, dump discarded individuals. "

Such breeding activities, required the mastery serpentoidov opportunity to manipulate the hyperfine radiated electromagnetic field of the brain "in the psychic, and later — at the molecular and genetic level of the surrounding flora and fauna. For tens of thousands of years of its existence, being able to develop and consolidate such a capacity.

What was the Samara Bend in the Mesozoic? Scientists suggest that in ancient times, 250-300 million years ago, the land on Earth was united — there was a grand continent Pangaea. But in the Triassic period, 180-200 million years away, Pangaea split into two continents — Laurasia and Gondwana. They shared the "inland sea" Tethys, stretching from the current Antilles through the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea to the mountain ranges of Central Asia.

The area now bears the name of Samara Bend, or rather its western part (from the village to the city Perevoloki Syzran), represented at that time is the eastern extremity of Laurasia, go far in the Tethys Sea. Above the surrounding plains, this part of the land rises to a height of 100-200 meters.

In the Mesozoic era began a new stage in the development of the Earth's surface, the stage was marked by the further fragmentation and dive into the sea of large areas of the former land, when they came expansion and growth of the oceans. As a result Zhigulevskaya hill became an island.

Elevated plateau jutting out far into the sea — an ideal place for the development of reptiles. If our hypothesis of the existence of serpentoidov correct, they first of all had to settle these places. A. Stegalin suggests that the main activity of civilization serpentoidov the first phase was to be the biological (and subsequently — and genetic) selection.

This work required a fixation of their achievements, and therefore, we think, is very interesting to consider the reports of the ice caves near the village Shelehmet (to write about it in the newspaper "Vremya" X ").

"Closer to the walls of the cave ice climbing upward, forming a system of regular cubes … This cave was a real cabinet of curiosities — in blocks of ice frozen-rested bears, birds, even some animals." By reading this description, you can imagine that you are in some ancient biological laboratory.

The existence of such laboratories, stores the more likely that the loss of not only "Zavriev" remains a mystery to this day. Almost as mysterious and unexpected is "taking off" from Cenozoic mammals. Findings of their remains in the layers of the Mesozoic era, the era of dinosaurs is very rare. But in the Cenozoic, they already appear in the advanced forms, types, specialized teams. Of course, this versatility has been preceded by a long evolution. Where is it happening? One can only assume that the source of her lurking outside the continent is well known to us, or in underground laboratories. At the end of the Cretaceous era has come a significant worsening climatic conditions. As a result, the safe zone of ecological habitats serpentoidov diminished. Biocenosis dinosaurs in many places are in decline. But the same deterioration has given further impetus to the development of human civilization. In this case, the interest of working with the living world (through the selection, genetics, management shifted to the physical world (artificial climate, heating large areas, and so on), although this did not mean that genetic experiments were terminated.

A. Stegalin suggests that 80-100 million years ago serpentoidy launched large-scale experiments on the removal of specific substances capable of solving various (including technological) challenges in rapidly deteriorating weather conditions. We have been reported (See gas. "Time" X »N 6,1994, article" Mysteries Zhigulevskie Dungeon "), that somewhere in the territory of the Samara Bend, deep underground, deep in the icy water, the remains of some ancient civilization. This is what is written: "People stood on pedestals (statues). Some — swathed in long robes, their faces hidden under a gabled hoods. "

According to some legends of the East, wrapped in long cloaks or robes people — are kings — snakes, control by ancient peoples … "Others were completely naked, and opened our eyes muscular torsos of young people. Their eyes were closed. Mouth open in a barely perceptible smile, nose stood out sharply forward. But the most interesting — just above the place where the person's nose begins, they can clearly see some swelling, something like a third eye, tightened the thin skin. "

At the end of the past — the beginning of this century, a number of the Society said that the ruins of the giant cities of Central Africa were discovered stone mask depicting the three-eyed people. Talking with experts in biology, this writer learned that at the beginning of the Mesozoic, among other amphibians appeared on Earth some species had the same third eye, located in the lid of the skull.

Some of these animals have changed little, survived to this day — for example, the tuatara lizard living on islands off New Zealand.

We can assume that, unable to cope with deteriorating climatic conditions serpentoidy prepared for a whopping underground shelters. One of them, apparently, to be based in the primordial Lada. Here, in the huge ice caves, immersed in suspended animation, and slept thousands of intelligent beings. For information: suspended animation — it is a condition of the living body, which is close to death, at which it is still able to resume their duties after only appear appropriate conditions for life.

Selected as representatives of the once great nation serpentoidov still have a "watch." That's evidence in this regard. In the early 70s a few people vacationing on the Samara Bend near the village Shelehmet, the "Serpent's Creek" saw an amazing picture. In the fog appeared outlines some of the valley. It was distinctively huge snake, which towered over the stocky dwarf figures of people forming around it a few close circles. At first snake was motionless, just above the body swayed slightly, a small head. He then described the three times a huge circle, now closer, then away from the people.

Prior to that, the audience was just fun to watch, and then along came the fear that all mighty. They were not even budge, the whole body as if each had a half-paralyzed. And the people who were on the shadowy plain, suddenly began to move in time with the movement of snake, squeezing tighter and tighter circle … Here in this moment the fog began to move, and the picture was gone.

What was it? Perhaps the thought-form. It does not have to be born of the living brain. Under certain circumstances, when the emotions are very strong thoughts can be projected on the scene long after the death of that begat this image.

For information: Snake backwater — is well known to biologists habitat of snakes on the Samara Bend, where they have particularly favorable conditions. According to experts, in some years, as many snakes here is that sometimes you can not take a step without stepping on a sleeping or crawling snake.

The existence serpentoidov — just a hypothesis. But its importance is unquestionable, especially in anticipation of the looming environmental crisis that threatens to cast doubt on the very existence of man on earth. Some experts suggest: if the future ecological hard times on Earth will survive at least a quarter of the representatives of the living species, then through '10 million years the planet will again be able to find a reasonable race.

What would she know about us, about our achievements, dreams, mistakes? Whether there is in those times people just one of many mythical creatures that inhabit their new fairy tale? Who knows? Everything is covered with an impenetrable veil of time.

Go to the topic "Serpentoidy Samara Bend" is well suited another story, available in our archive. However, it is somewhat fanciful, even if the author asks to perceive it as a true story, not a fantasy.

The narrator (we'll call him) is now a highly respected man in the city of Samara, and therefore, according to his request, we will not open etotistochnik information. Suffice it to say that in his youth he loved to climb through the caves and galleries. And put an end to this very peculiar passion for adventure. Climbing once Shirayevskaya gallery, at the far roadway he was hit by a collapse.

Now give the floor to the narrator (in the author's treatment of the text).
"At first, I was going through the familiar winding galleries, the walls of which were covered with all sorts of inscriptions and drawings. Gradually the past became less and less. The course narrowed. I went through some pretty fresh landslides. Here, perhaps, it would be to turn back, but there somewhere on the level of the stomach, I suddenly saw a rather wide hole. There shone the flashlight, I found that the hole — it's a passage in the wall, leading to a relatively wide corridor. However, I was worried about his ceiling — is over his head hung a huge jagged boulders. It was stifling. But I crawled into the hole, and, bending over, stood on sypuchku. The stones under my weight began to move, there was a thud. After a moment I fell down somewhere in the arms of a BULYGA. I woke up in the darkness. Flashlight, fortunately, was unharmed. I rushed to the manhole — and experienced a real panic.

Hole through which I got in this gallery has been safely buried under a lot of collapsed rubble. Almost collapsed the whole corner of the cave. For some time (hours crashed in the fall), I frantically tried to dawdle through the blockage. But it proved to be quite hopeless. Incredibly tired of fruitless attempts, I spent some time just lying on the rocks. Calmed down a little, I began to explore the rest of the roadway. She turned out to be very small. Then I remembered that I still got into this dead end, I clearly felt how it udushliv air. But now, he seemed like a freshened.

Collapse, after covering a manhole, opened an invisible gap where cold air was fresh. That's right, throwing some pretty large fragments, I've expanded the passage so that it was possible to squeeze through the gap. It turned out that the gap is passed into the narrow, almost vertical well, leaving somewhere in the bowels of the mountain. Pulled out of the well significantly cool the fresh air, and it promised salvation. (Our trips to galleries and caves alone, with no special equipment, no stock of food and water, and most importantly — without insurance were certainly very dangerous, but because of his youth, we did not think about it.) Find me in the depths of a Lada, especially in the near future, hardly anyone has. However, to find someone here seemed very problematic affair. Realizing this, I climbed into the well.

I do not know how long it lasted descent. It was impossible to fall here — was too narrow slit through which I in some places only with great difficulty pushed his way down. Flashlight helped a little, and had to move to the touch. Several times from fatigue and fear, I fell asleep, a jammed between the walls. Was recovering from thirst and continued to go down, after all, a well led me to a large cave ceiling of the hall. By some miracle I managed to get down on the floor. The hall was filled with stalactites and stalagmites, and it was a fantastic sight. However, when I was not up to it. For a while I was circling around the room, until by chance (or slave, a sixth sense), I suddenly found near the spring, surrounded by sparkling like frost crystals. After drinking the water, I rested for a while, thinking hard about what to do next. The flow of water rises from the rocky bowl, somewhere to flow away, dodging between stalactites. I went with the flow of water.

The forest of stalagmites and stalactites ended suddenly, the ceiling of the underground hall abruptly retired somewhere upwards. I was standing on the bank of a huge underground lake, which, gleaming dully in the beam of light, sought somewhere in the distance, so its shape was lost in the darkness. The shores of the lake are remarkably flat and smooth. Put out the torch for a while I listened to her — how to choose the same direction. And here, in the dark dungeon, it seemed to me that right, twenty paces from me out of the rock knocked a light bluish light. And I went in the wrong direction. After that, everything was like a dream. A narrow slit was prolonged ice. Later I learned that the geological party led by A. Barkov, who investigated karst Samara Bend in 1930-1931, has opened in the mountains Zhigulevskie existence of very ancient (occurring before the Jurassic period) Karst, separate cavities which were filled with ice. In this case, I had just met, and the ice glowed faint bluish light. And then a strange thing happened — my mind as if turned off, the feeling of fear and hunger. The body is moved forward, as if by itself. I could no longer control the body, and moved as if under duress. So I overcame the gap — and found himself in a narrow corridor. Imagine a huge ice blocks, close group pressed together. These were just some blocks, rather than the solid wall of ice. Their color, white in the middle, closer to the edge of acquired blue tide. But the most surprising (although I was deprived of the ability to surprise) — the core of these ice cubes took a being, or rather, these creatures there were many, as if ice crystals reflected a thousand offspring of a nightmare.

Each of these creatures took one ice cube. Describing them is extremely difficult: first of all, my head hanging over the body, the huge compound eyes bulging, large nadlobnaya bump, small, twisted and pressed against her stomach legs or hands. Torso — something like a soft cocoon, rolled into a tube and also preloaded to the stomach. At first glance, these monsters were amazingly similar to each other. But to the extent that, as I walked down the icy corridor, in my mind recorded their minor differences. You could see how from one entity to another increased the size of their cranial bumps, eyes grew bigger and bigger, while gradually moving over to ear cavities. Increased and the sheer size of the fixed figures. Cuba dragged on the right and the left, forming a continuous corridor.

Some of them were like a tight web of cracks, while others were completely covered in matte white. In such places, I felt a kind of incomprehensible sadness. But such sites in the cave was not enough. Then, from one to the other figures were again reduced. The feeling, even though I explained it could not, it was a violation of their hypertrophied proportions. Here icy corridor was divided into two. On the left, as far as the eye could see, continued to drag the cubes with familiar freaks. On the right was again the same cubes — but the monsters they were not already familiar cranial bumps. At this point, my body, pausing a few moments, chose the left corridor. Next big chunk out of my memory just is not, but I think I'm still going, going by a strange passage, and on both sides of it stretched all the same cubes with freaks. Perhaps it there were no less than a million.

Next to preserve memories — all the same corridor, and on its floor — like two huge solar bunny superimposed. Get past them was not what opportunities and I came to the center of the glowing circle. At that moment, something monstrous with all his might hit me on the head, and that's all I remember. I woke up on top of the mountain Popova. A fresh breeze blew in my face. At the moment of consciousness seemed to me that next to me was a big dog, but here's what I can not vouch. Then I learned that my trip underground took five days. "

The question is — how much to trust this story? Of course, it is easier to assume that it was the result of undergoing a collapsing injury. But in the story too many curious and does not explicable details. So it was a real highlight of this journey in our physical world, or are observed subtle mental effect on the human psyche? That is for sure we can not.

We only recall that in the "awakening" on top of the mountain storyteller, he said, caught a glimpse of the dog. It seems to us that it was not a dog — and Ayur (or I-Noor). It has often been written about the relationship of the semi-legendary animals with various mythical creatures that preceded man. (See the article "The Tale of a lie, but it hints" newspaper "Time X», N 15-17, 1994).

Ayur can be compared with our serpentoidami, and they end up having a lot in common: the deadening, captivating and mesmerizing vzglyad.Bolshuyu of the year and they both carried out by falling into hibernation. Live and Ayur and serpentoidy underground, where the slopes of the hills and ravines dug long moves — hole. Ayur also have a huge head with eyes wide apart. More Ayur like serpentoidam live in certain places. Government is one such place, a long time will notify the 'people only in ancient legends — Indian Cave. However, it was discovered in the reality in the field survey of the "Avesta" in the spring of 1994. Of the legends known that Ayur are certain "dog owner", but who he is — is not precisely known.

We can assume that Ayur — one of the last "products" of our genetic laboratories serpentoidov designed to strengthen the collection of information to the outside world. And when, after centuries of neglect, worked traffic artery of the "masters, which made the narrator of the cave to the torus Popov, one of Ayur hurried after him with a check. As far as our assumptions are correct, can only show further research.

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