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In the Soviet Union there was no sex. At least, that was announced at the infamous teleconference with the U.S.. And more specifically, the sex education in Soviet schools was completely ignored: there was no mention of sex, or of Contraception, nor about diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

Taught in Soviet schools?

For example, in the textbook A.M.Tsuzmera 1984 edition, in which all Soviet schoolchildren studied, there was a section on the structure of male and female sexual organs. It all started with the gametes and fertilization. And here is how the sperm got to the egg on a visit, was a mystery.

Maybe that's why for a long time the most popular means of contraception was the Soviet abortion. In the perestroika years in high school, there was an optional course "Ethics and Psychology of Family Life", which made the first tentative attempts to tell the students about "it".

But the teachers for the most part shy to talk, and students feel free to ask. Therefore the study of the heads of a thin benefits of hygiene boys and girls are often asked for home reading.

By 1986, slightly corrected tutorial — it began to show pictures of male and female reproductive systems in the section.

With the wind of change in the country flooded the huge flow of information, including the sexual kind. And on the same tray, to lie down next to a newspaper frankly pornographic content, pseudo-scientific booklet with "popular" tips for protection from pregnancy and really deserve the attention of "Introduction to Sexology" Igor Kon.

A common position of the state was not a single educational concept, too, so everyone chose for himself the source of information on their own.

What is taught in Russian schools?

During the formation of the new school in Russia was characterized by an incredible amount of variety of books on anatomy course. In one of them — the pilot — one could even see the picture of sexual intercourse, though again in the section.

In the XXI century Russian school moves to a concentric system of education, course Anatomy transferred to a year earlier — in the eighth grade, reduce the number of hours at a constant volume of material. And still there is no single concept of sex education of teenagers.

Modern textbook also tactfully silent about the sexual act, Contraception, family planning. Paragraph devoted to diseases, sexually transmitted only tells about AIDS and syphilis, but says nothing about how to protect themselves from disease. And the time on the subject of teachers, due to the appalling lack of training hours, as a rule, does not remain.

Knowledge of theContraception and prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, are not included in the state educational standards, so each school and every teacher deals with this issue in their own way.

Some schools take out these issues in the study as part of an optional course valeologii (the science of healthy living), rarely talk about contraception in the classroom life safety (basic life safety). At some time in the school year are invited to a gynecologist for interviews with middle school girls. Many schools hold educational events manufacturers of women's personal hygiene facilities. Such actions usually include a short lecture, distribution of information brochures and samples of sanitary pads for the female audience.

Do I need to learn?

Sexy education Children must be at least because the inquisitive child's mind does not make the information vacuum in any matter. And if teens do not get a competent and comprehensive answers to their subject in school, they will find where to fill knowledge gaps. And not the fact that the "backyard" sources of information are correct and correspond to reality. The state program of sex education based on scientific and medical basis is a must. Moreover, including not only the knowledge of anatomy and physiology, but also from the scope of the psychology of sexuality.

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