Sexual Life

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Sexuality is Estestenno and indispensable part of human nature. Sex — it's not just a way to continue their family, leave descendants, but also a means of pleasure, relieve psychological stress. Furthermore, they argue that sex has a positive effect on mental activity.

One of the characteristics of human sexuality is that feelings associated with sexual satisfaction requirements segregated from its initial biological targets — procreation. With this basic sexual inclination has been able to turn into love and emotional intimacy.

For a harmonious life together people who love to achieve three levels of compatibility:

— Compatibility characters and temperaments;

— Compatibility functional role expectations;

compatibility value systems

It is the harmony of personal relations contributes to the development of harmonious sexual life.

The peak of sexual pleasure, like a man, and the woman is the orgasm. The man he is productive (that is accompanied by the release of seminal fluid required for conception), women — no.

Flooring life is essential for the full existence. These are not modern sexology confirms the Freudian theory of sublimation, according to which sexual desire can be satisfied by non-sexual way, such as by switching to any kind of activity (work, work). This diversion of psychic energy without compromising the individual can only be a temporary measure to within their limits.

Features sexual human life purely individual. They depend on genetic, hormonal, personality traits. People with a strong sexual constitution before others begin sexual life, the intensity of its lead and later terminated. However, the emotional coloration of sexual experiences and the degree of satisfaction derived from them depend not only on the physiological potency, but on the type of person to do themselves, the general emotional sensitivity, the ability to empathize, to communicate and the other qualities.



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