Shopping for a first grader

Going to school.

Gather in the newly created school first grader — it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Of course, this pleasant chores, but even they need to think and calculate. What is most important in this difficult process?


In all departments of children's stationery stores and bookstores usually in the summer, a list of items included in the "set of first-graders." Inexperienced parents take it on board, honestly buy everything on this list, and in September, it appears that the school be sure to bring a wooden ruler, Spanish clay or some mysterious thing called abacus. And, it turns out it just before going to school, run to the store when it's too late.

Pravilo first — list gives the teacher

Check with your future teacher of a first grader, what items it will need in the first few months. An experienced teacher usually dictates such a list at the first parents' meeting, which is held in May.

The fact is that in each school in this regard may have their own rules. May be necessary, for example, some special textbooks or workbooks. Particularly rare and exotic tutorials (for example, a foreign language) often buys parent committee, and you only need to pass the money on them.

One teacher is quite satisfied with the standard set of colored paper, and the other to the children to be sure to have a two-way paper for origami. So we buy everything on the list is not out of the store, and the particular teacher.

The second rulegolden mean.

In the purchase of various bureaucracies, there are two extremes — either it is the cheapest (still after all confused, pomnetsya, can dirty and everything will have to change), or the most "cool" (even if the child will have the best of everything!). The truth, as always, in the middle.

Cheap notebooks made of poor, "newspaper" paper yellowish dirty color. Writing on it inconvenient letters written on one side and translucent on the other. Covers are boring and dull (although some teachers insist on plain covers) cells, and a ruler poorly printed, and it takes a lot of effort not to move out from the line.

On the other hand, is very bright white paper in high-end notebooks — is not the best option, because it is literally blinding (like white snow on a clear sunny day). It is better to choose a calm matte tone. Cover let it be with a pattern — a sweet and kind, but not aggressively bright. Do not forget to purchase immediately clear covers for notebooks.

Handles usually required ball. A little secret — choose the handle with a wide ribbed rubber ring at the bar. This non-slip grip in the fingers clumsy child, keep it much more convenient. The rod is better thin — so it is easier to write, and the work looks neater.

Pencils required color and simple. It makes no sense to buy a large set of 48 or 56 colors — preferably two or three sets of 6-12 flowers. Will be issued as required. Pencils preferred medium soft — labeled HB or TM.

Erasers selected on the basis of very simple — the harder the pencil, the harder to be an eraser. In hard erasers add special abrasive powder, which was scratched paper and can even erase the trace of a ballpoint pen. Soft erasers with paper treated with care, but for hard pencils are not suitable.

A burden is not drawn?

What a first-grader with no backpack? Choosing a briefcase or backpack, consider the following:

  • For kids it is preferable to pack. It should have a tough orthopedic backrest and wide straps (width of 5-6 cm). This option allows you to optimally distribute the load on the spine to prevent scoliosis. In some models, on straps and on the back there is a special pad that straps do not cut into the fragile shoulders of children.
  • Not bad, if the knapsack is reflective elements — they are made for safety reasons. At dusk, they will be clearly visible on the road.
  • The handle of soft rubber is stronger than usual, sewn. It is for your child it will keep your backpack at school, besides its easier to disinfect.
  • Fasteners must be firm, but not so tight that the child himself may easily handle them.
  • Pay attention to the weight of the school "packaging." What it will be easier, the better. The label is usually specified weight: an average of orthopedic back packs with weigh 1 -1.2 kg, but there are lighter models — about 0.5 — 0.8 g Health Standards, the first-grader portfolio along with its contents should weigh no more 1.5 lbs.

Not mandatory, but welcome addition to the:

  • Complete with a satchel on sale pencil case, wallet and pouch for spare shoes — in one color. By the way, it is desirable that smenka placed in a backpack with textbooks and exercise books — in this case, your student greatly reduced the chances of losing it.
  • Transparent pocket on the inside of the lid — for class schedules.
  • Container for food. This, of course, not a real container, and the pocket "on the front" wheel inside the foil. Creates a degree of thermal insulation foil and pocket becomes almost real thermos.

But keep in mind that the number of pockets for a first grader should be minimal — or it they just get confused.

School clothes

If the school has a form, then at parent-teacher conference, you will always put it in popularity. Consider that in this case the problem of school clothes you have already decided — will only need to centrally deliver the money to buy a sewing or form. If the form is not provided in the school, again ask the teacher what is better to go to class. Usually girls go in skirts or sundresses and light blouses (turtleneck), boys — in dark trousers and a light shirt.

In some schools, there is a "denim form", while others vehemently protest against the jeans. Shirts, sweaters, blouses and sweaters preferably light pastel shades — bright colors can distract children and annoy the teacher.

The girl will be more comfortable in a sundress than in a skirt — from under it will not stand out blouse, he fidgets around the body look more carefully.

Do not forget about the track suit. Most likely, there will be two — for the hall (shirt and shorts) and outdoor (slacks and a sports jacket, in the home called Crews). You may need more clothes for dance lessons (swimsuit and skirt for girls and shorts with a T-shirt for boys and Gym shoes for those, and others).

Home office

If you still have your child did not have a desk, now without him is not enough — a small student must have his permanent job where he will be doing homework. Kitchen table, or worse, a sofa, where you have to write literally on his knees — absolutely does not fit.

To the table, of course, need a chair and a desk lamp. This is the great article of your expenses during the preparation for school, but it will pay off for many years. Therefore it is better not to buy the desk that a year will be "small", but a normal desk with chair is height adjustable.

Not a bad idea — computer table, but then you need to think about where to store books, notebooks, construction paper, pencils, etc. Perhaps this will be specifically dedicated shelf in the bookcase or bedside table with drawers.

How much?

The issue is very complicated. After all, the answer depends on where you buy food — at an expensive store or wholesale market. And in a regular store price spread is large enough. But for a very rough estimate of stationery items set will cost you between $ 800 to 2000 rubles, satchel — from 400 to 5000, school clothes — from 2000, a work desk — from 3000 rubles.

Not a bad idea — buy in bulk bureaucracy, cooperate with neighbors or parents of classmates. In this case, you can buy a very high quality stuff at fairly low prices.

Prices at markets and stores are often not much different from one another, and your time and energy are too ex
pensive, so consider whether it makes sense hard drive to some school fair, if the same thing can be purchased at a nearby store.

Inessa Smyk

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