Shopping for baby

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It's in the Soviet era children's products sold exclusively in the "Children's World". And there were two types accessible (for help from the hospital), five types of plastic PUPS, stuffed animals from the series "Who is not hidden — I'm not guilty," and another pinwheel and wooden blocks. Maybe the situation described is a bit exaggerated, but it is on every order is different from that diversity, which offer manufacturers of children's products today.

Therefore, today's moms are more concerned about not question "Where to get it?" And question "What to choose? '.

By what criteria, for example, to choose baby playpen or stroller? Why give preference to Sliema or "kengurushka?" And what, after all, nipples need to buy? And how do they differ from the pacifiers … And what about the rest? Well, how much the standard required in the week the baby diapers, diapers and cotton swabs?

And that's good, if baby was born on time, and if He prematurity? They say that for them, there are some special requirements in clothes …

Baby increases. A question does not become smaller. What to give for the first birthday? What toys to buy, to grow smart and curious?

In the meantime, they are responsible, do not have time to look back and baby already went to school ….

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