Shopping for children from 0 to year

Layette for the baby.

Long before the baby mums start to think about what to cook for him. Indeed, the purchase should not be delayed "for later", as envisaged necessary a lot.

For the first six months

The first thing to think about the structure of bed for the baby.

The canopy for the crib looks very pretty, but its functionality is highly questionable. When the baby is a little older and start to climb on all fours, and then get up — will have to remove the canopy of the child was not knocked over. But soft "side", bindable perimeter beds, you will certainly come in handy — they protect the baby from drafts, and later — from hitting the bars at crawling. Everything for bed mattress will need a blanket, one flat pillow, three sets of bed linen.

The second major purchase of a wheelchair.

In the first half-year's children's bath. While the baby is still small, it has to support when bathing, so I use a large bathroom is tiring for your back. Later baby learn to sit, and you can bathe in itlarge bath.

Changing table you can buy or adapt an ordinary lunch or a convenient desk height, and attach the shelf above it.


During the first month of basic baby clothes will calico and flannel vests (6 pcs. First size and8-10 pcs. — Third) and diaper (10-20 pcs.) and diapers (20-40 pcs.), diapers. In addition, you need to buy at least four sliders (just buy a third dimension) and the same flannel blouses, fastens on buttons, or body.

From clothes still need to purchase a pair of bonnets and a pair of first-third the size, a full set of wool for walking: a jacket, hat, pants, socks and mittens. More practical to buy a walking set or tied directly the third and fourth resolution. Also suitable for walking and envelope.

Care items

For water and foods are needed: 2-3 bottle nipples, pacifier.

For hygiene: scissors with rounded tips, comb the vapor tube and a small syringe, cotton, paper towels, ear sticks, baby oil (sunflower or sterilized), baby lotion, dusting powder.

For swimming: water thermometer, shampoo, baby soap, a large bath towel, diaper with a hood.

For games: various mobiles (metal, paper, wood, leather stripes waving in the air), rattles and rings for grasping.

All baby can take by mouth should be made of wood or plastic containing no harmful substances.

The next six months

You will need:

  • high chair and a table — it should be stable and easily cleanable;
  • large bib — the child begins to wield a spoon;
  • playpen — it creates for crawling baby protective space;
  • of the toys at this age, your child will approach a large plastic cubes, cups that one can put one into the other, buckets and tins sandbox, rubber toys for bath, various toys that can be transported on a string, the first book;
  • first shoes must be so soft that they can be bent in any direction. They need to have an inch longer than the child's foot, but the width of the ideal. Leather shoes worn too early;
  • jumpers and walkers usually like active children, but without them it is possible to do. And that's really indispensable for parents with active lifestyles, is a "kangaroo". This is a convenient backpack for carrying children which, with the toddler age, has a different design, can be used up to two years or even longer. Thus it can be hung on the stomach as well as on the back, and hands her mother at the same time remain free.

So we made a dowry for the first year of baby's life. However, this is only the platform that loving and sensitive parents will complement and tailored to your baby.

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