Shopping for mother and baby

Shopping for mom and baby.  Photo from

During pregnancy, a woman's figure varies considerably: increasing chest and growing every month tummy. Therefore willy-nilly have to think about changing clothes. In addition to the free clothes, the expectant mother will need special clothes made of natural fabrics (bra and panties), tights and protect against varicose veins, and a bandage.

In the hospital my mother protrebuyutsya special hygiene products (pads — conventional and chest, disposable panties, cream for cracked nipples), and the baby — diapers and diaper rash cream.

Young parents often difficult to determine the order, which must be newborn layette. How not to buy too much, while not forgetting the essentials? What better to make purchases at once, and with what can wait?

Of course, your child will need light and warm clothes, diapers, disposable diapers, hygiene products and medications. It is best to make a list of necessary things in advance — you can buy them shortly before birth or immediately after the child into the world.

From the very first month of the baby need prams, cots, bath and changing table. If you're going to lead an active lifestyle — will require adaptations for carrying infants (slings, "kengurushki"), and in the presence of the machine — the car seat. All of these things are quite expensive, but certainly important for parents, especially for a child, so their choice is to approach very carefully.

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