Sisters of Mother Teresa's not forget about the homeless

In Gomel Church of Our Lady of the Nativity of the solemn liturgy on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa.

Glory to God in prayer and nuns only in Belarus House of Mercy Sisters of the Order of Mother Teresa, who works in Gomel.

The sisters are helping many poor and homeless Gomel. Here they are here staluyutstsa are treated, spend the night in the winter.

38-year-old Andrew, who BOMZHOM eight years and often hidden in the neighborhood "Old Aerodrome," says: "I feed myself. Bottles and collect rent. And if you push hard, there is humanitarian aid — Mother Teresa."

Gracious home runs on Sovetskaya Street since 1991. Daily sisters prepare meals for the homeless, razmyarkovvayuts among poor families food and clothes, and organize camps for children and Sunday school, take care of seriously ill patients.

No other shelters, except for the House of Charity Sisters of the Order of Mother Tereza, in Gomel not.



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