Skaftafell National Park — a magical cave in Iceland

Iceland has always been associated with a large number of glaciers. It is no coincidence this is where nature has created a unique ice cave, which impresses with its magic. It is located in a beautiful park called Skaftafell and is a popular stop for many tourists.

This cave is incredibly beautiful inside walls of ice. They formed a well compacted, without a single air bubble ice. That is why the walls are able to absorb all the light completely. The exception is only blue. Due to this effect, when you get into the cave, it seems that the walls here are made of precious sapphires.

However, to see this gorgeous phenomenon here is far from over. After all, the cave is illuminated only in the winter when continuous rains destroy the glaciers of the upper layer on the outside. Skaftafell was created because of the glacier for a long time, accumulate rainwater. It was her big streams, freezing, formed a luxurious and intricate tunnels. In addition to gender all the rest of the cast a bright blue. But in the dark base of the cave freezes sedimentary rocks that make it so.



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